From the halls of justice...
I went to the doctor
just a few blocks down
All are treated equal
I wanted to see how
You are old I said
looking straight to the eyes
I see the Healer in you
why are you not well?
Well to start you see
the rules were of one
From the one came many
then many seen as one

the one of many
became many again
now I see what I did
but not what I do

Somewhere between

To the clinic by the bank
I know what I should
but I don't know why
the hands to heal
now seek cover

taking more from some
to treat others not as well
stripped of meaning
in present context
that affixed upon the wall
Less was more
now more is less
now I see what I see
just as I am told
I can treat your sickness...
good luck getting well
I see less and less
approaching the top
they pay me well
to forget as I was taught
take a walk to the past
take a pill in the present
one deep breath...
It is now the future
Through the door
and to behold
eyes of sorrow
a soul deprived
Fragmented through division
looking through to find
that once seen whole
distorted and maligned
yet, somehow connected...
I like you
once believed as true
all that
was is, as was told    
Life is short
now this is true
but life ever-after
is not of myself or you...
but I've been me
long before I ever was
Never far from this bridge...
you may think of me ill

We pick up your bottles
We thank you for that
It's not what we get
Its what we give back
I was borne
to this world
knowing all
I needed...
those who see
of things never heard
those who hear
of things never seen
The path of destruction
is very well known...
sold as salvation
by those who do not
from where I was
While on the way here
There was a man by the bridge
saying please won't you hear
I inquired of she...
my favorite Shrink
Has the world gone mad
Or, is it just me?
Was he talking to me
or, all to have been?
he said it again
he said he was you
So now I'm here
just talking it through
lovely aahoffice doc
he said
this was true...

it's not what we hear
it's how we listen
It's not where we're going
it's how we get there
We love it here
We wish same for you
We could truly be
if you could truly be too
Ahead of a time
soon to return
it's not what we say
its what we don't do
Of that following this
Nobody knows for sure.....
Tho there will be no
if not first here
There is a call
all and you
to turn down the volume
on all that we do
what is now
is the me you behold
what is
is not as was told
It was to this planet  
yet in a different place
It was to the present
but not quite now
It is for they
who will be...
just as we are
those who now would
just to see what I think
I know what I said  
but, not the why
I crossed the bridge
Though it is now now
it is not now known
the company I keep
has been never more present
Time is of the moment
past and through
A life lived for others
fills the whole
Proceed my friend
go see your shrink
As for me...
time for a drink