Of hitching a ride, I could not...
Tried to go right but was blocked...
To the left through a parking lot...
What they can't see...
is what they can't see
path not in common
is the path of never been
To the Courthouse
in front of the door...
Said times many
I will say it once more
All to happen
has happened before
Justice comes quickest
to knowing only crime
Destiny uncertain
now has time.
all things considered
fragments of time
Justice is fickle
is it blind?.
to see the state of Justice, in my own town...
To a similar structure, a short way down
Easy to find, just off the same block...
The god of Vengeance...
Jealousy and Rage
would not want of those
not wanting the same
To the church I went
And within I did shout
This god of
must be thrown out
The good news to me
you so kindly brought
Bad news for
really is not

Of  a great man
we still mistake the loss
Mr Preacherman, Please...
Teach the Love...
Tear down that Cross!
I was lost for a moment but then...
It is those least tempted
who write all the rules...
To punish the things
they would not do