A child approached
having just passed the test...
we know this mister
please tell the rest...
took the wrong bus and...
you must know now
not 10 years away
this place you know-
that known as home?
You know, this home
the one we share?
Well, it is in need
of immediate care
Where we are going
depends immediately
on that now taught
We can build
better weapons
or you teach us
not to fight
We can make the world
a better place
If the things known true
we are willing to face
We can build
a better filter
or you teach us
not to
We can forever say
what we shouldda done...
we will have learned from you
Headed back to town...

You are young  I said
time is short
tho to all who have ever been
it has never been
To the school I went.
and to the class I did say
Welcome to the human race
it's the greatest show around
Yet to pause
to him I said
very soon you will leave
but what will be left?
In this business you see
we must do more then eat
we must consume the beaten
before we are beat
And of future leaders
it will be said I have led
What will they then say
after I'm dead?
Did you ask 'how'...
or, did you tell 'why'?
If you must know answer
please wait my reply!...
I went to the monument...
the one piercing the sky
To the top I went...
to ask the man why
You are aged I said
looking straight to the eyes
I see the good in you
why are you not wise?
Behind double doors...
so sad to behold
a man grown weary
from the soul he'd sold
To the future told
and back again
I cannot now know
what I could not have known then
Get to Work...