It seems to be the case that even the omnipotent forces of Creation must
accommodate the universal laws of material worlds. The intricate and delicate task
of forging any sustainable form of life is made profoundly difficult by the necessary
fragility of the physical being.  It is the physical being, short on time and margin of
error, required to adaptively persist in the midst of great forces seeming to clash in
a manner fully incompatible with the existence of organic life.

Whether by intended design or as the result of infinite possibilities, the recipe for
evolving life does require an organized and intricate alignment of factors, of which,
even 4 billion years of research and development could never hope to fully
understand.  Regardless, it is indeed fortunate that the forces of Creation have
both the time and real estate necessary to assure the human experience on earth
is existent and accentuated with intrigue of countless unknowns.

Perhaps the nature of life is an extension of the nature of Creation.  In a universe
of polar-opposite extremes, great reservoirs of clashing antagonists exist on the
periphery of life- in disproportionate scale- seeming to render physical existence
Creations Approach

Was life upon earth created by a Creator grown tired of being
God?  In utter void containing all, God reigned supreme over
everything that nothing ever was.   Perhaps it was a pervasive and
intolerable universal perfection that served as the catalyst to the
explosion of Creation.  A creator knowing nothing other then that
not found in perfection sought only to escape trillion-year days that
all seemed the same.  A great mass of something was really
nothing until it was smashed by your God to disrupt the
monopolizing grip of homogenous space and time
meaningless in proportion.  From great reservoirs the ingredients of life
are distilled, extracted, and then assembled to form an evolving
physical life presumed to have meaning if for reasons none other then
that any proportionate return on material and effort would be
imperceptible when viewed through the lens of understanding-
suggesting, by default, a higher purpose must
be in play.

Life neither exists nor is it defined by the
neutralization of destructive forces as it is that
these same forces shaping creation itself.  It is
not the capture of middle ground, but the
harnessing of fluctuations within a compatible
range that avails life both existence and
meaning.   All facets of life depend upon
balance only approximated as the forces
lending life weight adapt in proportion through
the process of dynamic evolution divinely