There is consuming loneliness… it is the way of the universe
There is pervasive violence…that is the way as well
There is a great and vacuous empty...
looming in the midst of everything.
Away from clashing bodies
and great unrest
there are these places
where life exists.  

To Those 'there'
befalls the task
to explore the nature
of beginning

Of Creation she respects
with reverence and devotion...
when sequential events
birthed to consequence ever-more.

She serves us all
in pursuit of  knowledge
never consenting
to 'ever know'

she knows of some
of that she cant
but not of scope
nor of bearing

She can only know
the wasted space in space-
is not wasted...
and the nothing in nothing
is really not nothing at all

When nothing
is not nothing
it is either true
or something else

Outside of self
there is all of Creation.  
She sees this in you
and knows it true.  

To find out how
is to find out why.
we are just too small
to simply mean nothing

To avoid the abyss
we must have meaning...
we are so small
we must insist

we are all we've got
we cant be much more
not knowing
all not knowable             
in really that best
to protect the human soul

We could have been there
or with something else
we could have started sooner
But,  we are HERE ...
Good Lord please help us!
There is a brighter side
found of interrupted space...
here material entities
exist in light...