One!...or Many?

In a volatile world of both the beautiful and hideous we behold many things
seeming incompatible with the existence of a desirable God.   There are
those who are surrounded by affluence, comfort, and tranquility- surely
God is good.  

There are those who, by no personal fault, lead a life defined by
unrelenting affliction and tragedy- they are the children of another God...  
And their 'God' has agreed not to trouble us with the details of their plight.

Are these terms merely ‘explanations of convenience’ used to ease the
discomfort of search?  Or, a contrived justification relative to the coveting (or
pursuit to destroy) material luxuries?

The Rub...

If all under the same sun were perceived
blessed/cursed equally, consensus among believers
relevant to the nature of our God(s) would be far
easier to establish.   

Good people throughout the world
accept a God as told without asking
‘why’?--tragically accepting as a matter
of faith the existence of a God
disgusted with most elements of
his/her own Creation.

Non-existent by any measurable scale, we are threatened by the reckless pastimes of a singular
entity found in Creation.  As we observe the collisions in the universe we are reminded we do not
need more then one God competing for a globe incomprehensibly small in proportion.

Absent divine intervention
we will be here tomorrow-  
Lord-willing and
God don't help us

God is simply everything
He cannot be...
God is simply everything
She cannot be...
There is nothing God
cannot be...
Excepting all beheld by
Nature of God
There are the terms of "blessed", "chosen", "Gods Will" etc to suggest that
God favors one individual/group over the other- this despite the glaring
contradiction to the notion of Supreme Justice and Equality.
IF...You call your god Allah
AND...He calls his allah God           
Won't hurt nobody!

Many will assert that "there is no way to know God's Ways'...He is perfect...he knows so much
more then we", and so on.  Presuming existence this would certainly seem to be the case- as
both faith and logic would arrive to identical conclusions. The problem with humans and human
religions is the failure to thoroughly discuss the implications...  
If it's true...

If there is a God, the monotheist religions probably have it correct (of course most of these
religions would condemn to hell all others with a One-God of differing attributes and title)...  

God reigns over all
beholding great
collisions throughout
the universe
unimaginable in scale.
God is imprecise
God is clumsy

God likes collisions
and large explosions
God has time
but, does not read books
God is a teenager
If there is a God
there is only One-God...
It's probably true.