As it pertains to your God, what does
‘perfection’ mean? If your God were shooting
free throws does it mean  (S)He would never
miss...or, would this be an activity be of any interest?  It
probably was fun at first but then just got ‘boring as hell’.  
If the nature of perfection is
inextricably linked to the
Perhaps we could deduce from our own creation that there is
nothing perfect found in perfected perfection- making us and all
living things the perfect remedy to a Creator otherwise lacking
stimulating fellowship.  As One who endured the eternity before
eternity- in a state of absolute perfection- a Creator would likely
maintain the capture of perfection is merely a perceived luxury- in
fact, profoundly over-rated.
In a revised definition  of perfection
there is no dependency on
imperfection in order to

Life depends upon continuous imperfection in order to exist.  If
all forces in the universe assumed homeostasis, Creation would
return to a point from which it began.  Whether an unfathomable
mass of inert material or an endless span of empty space, a
pervasive stagnant balance would once again represent an
encompassing state of perfection meaning absolutely nothing

If God is perfection then God enjoys and employs the luxury of
perfect wisdom.  If religion is a mechanism through which
proximity to God is pursued, religion has the obligation to make
sense at all points along the continuum of material and spirit.  If
religion dares to speak of perfection, then perfection must be not
only defined but also pursued rather then dismissed as
unattainable and/or beyond the ability to comprehend.  

nature of a Creator, we are living testament to the relative lack of appeal
‘perfection’ holds in the ‘values scheme’ of the divine.

In the realm of relative perfection Creation appoints all life flawed-
adding dynamic character in the spiritual realm. In a constant pursuit
of equilibrium while immersed in, and sometimes consumed by
conflicting beliefs and traditions...chaos intermittently erupts
originating through failure to hold balance within the bounds of
compatibility necessary for the universal betterment of individual life.