What would a creator want from us?...

What do get one of whom already has everything? Your
life?  If so, what does this mean?  Does it mean a willingness
to die a violent and pre-mature death in sacrifice to a loving
deity?   Does it mean lock-step alliance to behaviors and
beliefs prescribed by one or more humans claiming first-
hand knowledge of divine intent? Surely this cannot be what
my ‘good’ God meant!!

It seems likely there may be a bit of a fundamental misunderstanding
relative to that originally intended and that so often tragically
misinterpreted.  If all that is divine invites alliance with the individual; it
is surely original beauty and inspiration holding the appeal.  

To the cause of all Creation we are inextricably committed from the
point life begins.  Life is ‘given’ when it ends;  just what the interim
process means is source to the proverbial inquiry.  If whatever was
‘given’ means something after it was ‘gave’…well, that would be cool!  
But, There’s plenty of time for eternity later.  As it pertains to the
present, a good life lived upon earth is what 'it' is all about and it is ‘life’.
And it is Mr. Sill who may be perceived as arrogant in presuming to speak of knowing
divine motive and intent.  In truth, he knows little of the way things are or will someday
be; knowing only of things thought to be so, but indeed are truly not.  As many seek to
reduce the features of Creation to that which can be explained/understood, a mystery
exists in which boundaries are only imagined amid infinite probabilities.

While acts of creation by human hand fall subject to the outer restrictions of a material
world, Creation endows all beings infinite expressions by virtue of a physical life
graced with the multipliers of pleasure, pain, sorrow and joy.   The simultaneous
co-mingle in presence of humans- diverse and unique- renders any two individuals
alike only in the mutual quest for individual meaning while simultaneously immersed in
the same malleable parameters.
What would a creator see in us?

Perhaps Creation plays a numbers game to obscure true intent as we falsely
presume the primary interest being exclusive to humans.  Conceivably,  there
is no interest in the words we apply in our efforts to gain understanding, or the
actions we take revealing we have not a clue.  Perhaps Meaning relative to
humanity is somehow enhanced through the realizing our own proportionate

The birds of sky and tree whistle the sweet and profound melodies of wisdom
while dogs and cats have nothing negative to say.  Meanwhile humans grunt
the language of destruction in the deluded perception of conferred dominion.
who knows?
the odds
FROM us?

what would God want?

divine intent

Conceivably, there is no interest in the words we apply in our efforts to gain understanding, or the actions we take revealing we have not a clue.

dice of God