"The point at which any individual best understands their
God; is moment just  prior to being deemed old enough to
understand the tale of truth told by another."  
Most everything any lost soul would need to know about you- can be understood
upon hearing the nature of regard you would proclaim you’re God to behold the
individual in the very moment.

Just as Ye are?... Probably 'not'...
WW M.Sill SAY?...
Who is your God?...
Perhaps I am the example of ‘how not to live’ or, perhaps I present as a
challenge to you as one who must be avoided.  If I, as seen through the
eyes of you, represent something evil, then it is your God who sees
you in need of a faith strengthened to assure immunity relative to the
nature my perceived negative influence
In this case I am an indispensable resource functioning to strengthen
faith through personification of evil or adversity either as an individual,
or, (more likely) as a representation. If you kill me when I possess no
physical threat (and in fact proclaim to be a friend not yet given the
chance to disappoint), do you not presume the domain of your God
when you have me killed, incapacitated, or even speak
favorably of such outcome?  In this case, do I not then become elevated in stature by
virtue of a notoriety influential enough to pose a threat not only to you but also your
God?  The very notion represents a mutually-detrimental proposition...
There is no universal consensus pertaining to nature of religious deities. It is an
inquiry never to be fully understood yet remains a discussion most would perceive
advisable- as even the non-believer must admit a failure to do so renders a
‘prognosis poor’ for the state of humanity.  

At the core of our soul we both know we are equals- wanting only justice and respect
as prerequisites for the allowance to find our own way.  Some day we may by chance
cross paths... It will be a pleasant experience anchored in good-faith and mutual
respect.   It will surely be a very enjoyable experience.
Is your God the Creator of all things material and all beings physical?  Though seen
as not like you, did your God create me too? If so, for what purpose?