We hear the world will be destroyed by an angry God and we call the person behind the words a
Prophet?  And then we treat the information as if it actually was...often with high degree of
reverence?  Many of these folks seem like nice people with some degree of noble intent;
perhaps one of the skeptic’s life assignments is to acquire the ability to appreciate the
messenger apart from a most distasteful message.
It would seem as humans we often presume their own human limitations and understanding apply
to the deities we worship with the primary distinction being the God-given--to-own-Self- ability to
destroy humanity at will when God can no longer tolerate his/her own creation- just as he/she knew
it would before it all started.  When the going gets rough..,

if God were intent upon the delivery of message through a single messenger
or even a select few, why not wait until the next beat of the eternal heart at
which time video and sound could have more accurately captured the
nuances of tone and intent.  There would still be plenty of room for
interpretation and disagreement with perhaps little less license to improvise
doctrine for a full range of both spontaneous and planned nefarious deeds.  

Perhaps it is the case that God could not endure another 2000 years waiting
for a camera while millions of violent deaths occurred in the absence of holy
cause.  Would many people argue that over the past few years there would
have been more deaths if not for religion?  There does become a point at
which arguing degrees of 'despicable' becomes the luxury of those living in
isolation-- arriving at conclusions with little relevance and even less practical

The world and humanity are said to be eventually destroyed by a Loving
Creator (maybe an Angry Loving Creator?) tiring of humanities evil ways.
From the point of creation a timetable for eventual vanquish had already
been set.  The prophecies of human suffering and the complete destruction
of earth had already been established long before the first
human prophets walked the earth to tell us this is how it so shall be.

Few would choose a life subject to persecution at any level of
intensity.  It seems likely that a fair number of gay people would
Throughout history there have been sporadic cases of individuals who
thrive in the practice of living in a manner perceived at that time, to be in a
direction counter to cultural moires’.  Rarer still, is the individual who
chooses to be ostracized and at times reviled.  The numbers in the latter
case would be so small it there would be no registration as a percentage.
select to be something other then gay if orientation was merely a matter of choice.  Where true,
such would be similar to an individual preferring to be of a race other then his/her own;   Both are
profoundly sad propositions to ponder.

God the Accused

God on Trial

limitations and understanding apply to the deities we worship