Beauty  is not found where there is no Doubt.  Seeking to hold to that  
just was proclaiming as Truth only that understood



For an omnipotent God there is only one way to assure the
privacy of humans while using the bathroom and that is to
restrict direct involvement.
Aching for company and in want of optimal reward from the investment
in Creation God determined there should be no barriers or limitations
placed upon the out and upward mobility of evolving humanity.
Creation itself simply waits to be heard holding no secrets and telling no lies as
sequential lineage has never been anything more or less then that which is and
what could be.
It is said that God created life and a greater universe because He was lonely and
bored  If so, the last thing he would do is employ the model of pre-ordained.  He
was bored not a power-trippin  fascist for chrissake

God-If we are to assume heaven is a pleasant place there are many things God
simply cannot be.  If God is all knowing and all-good not even God can be
simultaneously all-evil.  God is huge dude we’re talking extremes here!
There are Great Realms in this infinite Universe.  The greatest of all is the
the realm of doubt.  It is here where God finds the Pinnacle of Creation.  It is
company in Wonder beholding the beauty of Chaos where meaning is found
within the moment only to transform with the next.
This is no Party among all alike- only conspiracy to
imprison/trammel a God who looks and thinks no better
then we, telling tales as told by another, losing majesty
with each