So you think your Monday was bad?  Lemme’ tell you about the first Monday…the First
Monday!... Ever! It was far from perfect, matter a’fact it was holy hell, well not yet, but it
was much worse then anything you or I have ever seen.  Trees with legs, humans with
‘tine-up’ rakes hinged to their toes and donkeys who couldn't’t tell their…well…  It was
before football and it was bad…Very Bad!  
Tuesday seemed better with the advent of alcohol but
Wednesday started off much worse then Monday until
an aspirin at noon. Moderation arrived without fanfare
and rather naturally later that day.  The work week was
60% passed with nothing to show- but, only 50% over if
not to ‘sit’ on Saturday.  That was it- just extend the work
week by 1 more day, it need not be permanent.  For the
sake of all creation it seemed a small sacrifice.
Thursday-the farm, the aquarium, a spinning wheel
going nowhere.  
Friday- the ant, the fish, the gerbil.  
Thursday- the leash, the fence, the saddle.  
Friday- the dog, the cow, the horse.  
Thursday- the zoo- yes, the zoo!  
Friday- exotic and majestic beasts, great fishes, and
farm,  aquarium  
spinning wheel .
leash, fence,
saddle. zoo

ant, fish,
dog, cow,  
exotic beasts,
great fishes

Friday night and all is in perfect order- it actually took only
2 days but hey such is the least of human
misunderstanding.  “Leashes, cages, aquariums, and all
partitions in perfect working order, all is perfectly
quiet…will check in with all in the a.m. then relax for the
weekend” was the journal entry that night.

Saturday morning the sun arose as instructed.  Although
there was no precedent for reference there was something obviously very wrong.  There
was no crowing rooster, dog barking, or fish jumping.  Not even those goofy looking
humans (assembled from leftover scraps) expressed the slightest complaint or sign of life
by definition of that expected.   Upon closer examination all of creation remained as
originally assembled but more then half of all things once living were now dead while
those remaining alive existed in a catatonic state as if suspended between completely
inanimate and never having existed at all.
During the course of 1 night more then 50% of all life forms perished for lack of purpose
while that which remained would surely soon follow.  The nature of Creation changed in
the eternal instant as a huge problem with flawless perfection was the first unanticipated
consequence of a hobby quickly becoming malodorous.  Perfect perfection and
predictability may work for the inanimate mechanisms of the universe but it was proving
to be the ultimate antidote to meaning and even existence for all physical beings.  

God didn’t need to be God to see what had gone wrong.  For those who do not want to
live, captivity must be an option freely chosen in order to survive.  It is those who choose
to be free through whom life is lived in proxy by those addicted to chains.
Saturday night God set them all free.
“Leashes, fences,
aquariums, and all
partitions  returned
to the ground from
whence they
came…all life forms
set free, most seem
quite happy

little worried about
those humans but
can’t baby-sit…will
take Sunday off and
check-in Monday
That was the journal entry for Saturday night.

Second Monday

Wish I could tell you how God’s perception of time converts to that understood by humans- it
seems that information was entrusted to one or more other-species.  But, it'll get here, and when it

There will surely be some shocking disappointments as bondage freely chosen by self and/or
imposed upon others will simply not make sense from any perspective.

But for those species fully free, and the individuals of others who choose to be free, there will be a
beauty beheld far surpassing Creations most optimistic projections.  The infinite possibilities found
in the realm of freedom will be found to yield majestic splendor to which Creation itself is left to
behold in awe.

That Second Monday promises to be much better then the First.