There are as many gods as there are believers to behold.

While many believers would insist it is up to the individual to
pursue a personal relationship with God- many of the same would
such a statement to be profoundly misled at the least...even
considered blasphemous by some  As a consequence, it would be
the majority of believers who would describe the attributes of
their God with much in common relative to understanding and
In effect it is yet another confounding religious
paradox  as the 'individual relationship with God' is
restricted to projections originating from the
narrow parameters of human understanding shared
by those proclaiming common belief.  Few would see
any inconsistency and fewer still would desire to
liberate their God from the constraints of human
There was a time when I would work for minimum wage.   
Life was simple; my needs were few.  I was doin it for the
money...Priorities have changed; I need much more.       
It is now more about equality,  respect, and a  sense of
self-worth.  I can no longer work for a wage
representing the antithesis of these recently discovered
For an omnipotent God there is only one way to
assure the privacy of humans while toileting- and
that is to restrict direct involvement.  Aching for
company and in want of optimal reward from the
investment, it was determined there should be no
barriers or limitations placed upon the out and
upward mobility of evolving humanity
There is a god for whom I am not willing to dedicate any effort in the knowing...

It is the god of all that is preordained... The god that condones violence...  It is
the god who tells us we must crush the unrighteous (followed by indulgence in
the spoils)....It is the god of the chosen I despise.  This is the god for whom I refuse
to work...This is not the god of my heart...THIS god lives someplace else!