On a scale, grand enough for a deity, the distance between any two
individuals on earth is indistinguishable.  You and I may claim to be enemies
while a greater universe beholds us inexplicably bringing violence and
destruction upon and within common abode.  Though rare, it’s been done
before.  On a desolate sphere- absent material and mass of any relative
consequence- we are consumed by the vacuum of space as all the universe
arrives to conclude...  "Nothing new occurring here”…

Perhaps it would be appreciated if we humans would show a little respect for a planet 4 billion years in
the making.  Perhaps the whole earth project is as inconsequential as our relative size would suggest.   
One thing we can know with certainty and that is, we will not distinguish ourselves as those with unique
and positive contributions within a larger universe if we continue, in both discussion and deed, the
idiotic practice of ransacking the beautiful home still in construction 4 billion years after the chosen
location, location, location.
The metaphorical fall from Eden was not was
merely one of many possibilites.  It was the destiny that required
the least imagination...It was the path of greater destruction. But, as
long as the individual remains to carry the banner of hope, it will
never be immune to efforts in reverse course.
Point of No Return?

Perhaps there was a point beyond which the accumulated mass
of human folly was at once perceived troubled beyond both
comprehension and remedy.  The default presumption then
became a belief that all is as it was meant to be.  The whole
became fragmented as competing factions lived in apology
hoping the wrath of the 'one-true-God' would extend through
the sword in hand to vanquish all blasphemous  enemies.



The metaphorical fall from Eden was not was merely one of many possibilites. It was the destiny that required the least