if to worship a  God better then ourselves,
there can be no 'chosen people'  
nor can there be a preferred form
other than that which is good in all.
Perhaps your God is perfect but religion is not.  Religion is a human
innovation created with the noble intent of aligning with all things good and
eternal.   The greatest tragedy associated with the world of religion is that it
need not be stupid...It just 'is'...and that 'is' what the meaning of 'is' is.  
Creation itself simply waits to be heard...
holding no secrets and telling no lies
as sequential lineage has never been...
anything more or less
then that which 'is'
and that which 'could be'

Sure, God has killed a lot of people
but, it has always been by accident.
We look for complex codes
suggesting we do like a good
mystery...surely Creation
appreciates the thought
A Creator by any name
would not like to see  suffering-
but, must be willing to witness-
as the 'Collateral Damage'
consequential to the imprecision
found native to 'Free-Will'
If we are to assume heaven is a pleasant place
there are many things God simply cannot be.  
If God is all knowing and all-good...
not even God can simultaneously indulge evil.  
There would be much to gain
for a being presumably eternally supreme
to experience the evolution of species
upon earth to eventually progress to
spiritual understanding.