Through the Eyes of Your God?

The Gods of our religions may disagree on who's going to win the Superbowl or the World
Cup but on this they would agree...Those who suffer great tragedy during a physical life,
lived upon planet, require a little extra attention upon arrival to heal the damaged and
hurting soul.  Upon what other matters would our Gods agree?  
To Hell You Say...
If to behold any one of the world religions as a singular consolidated entity, there it
will be found- a God to whom millions, perhaps billions will proclaim loyalty through
congregate worship.  Conversely, If to behold those outside a given religion, there will
be found many billions more who hold no regard for the unfamiliar God worshiped by
those so
unlike.  Simultaneously, all involved will proclaim all-others 'false'...And, upon
this particular matter, all involved, are quite correct,,,

Is the individual eternally condemned  if to proclaim to your God that
neither he, nor even the most despicable among us- deserve to burn in
hell for all eternity? Does it really align that your God would have her
destroyed even though she intends you no harm and is ignorant to the
realization of the One God you proclaim all must serve?
intent and circumstance as it pertains to imposed justice, do we
proclaim values more virtuous then those of our God if we
presume a Supreme Justice throughout the universe lends no

Even as beings on a plane considered infinitely less then a deity,
humans concede to the influence of intent as a factor to any
applied consequence.  If we hold as a value the consideration of
consideration to mitigating circumstance?

This type of proclaimed faith does not align… does not make sense…you are just as much
WRONG as I am not CORRECT!

There is language of the 'chosen', 'heaven/hell', and of those who will or,
will not worthy.  Through these distorted lens there emerges worship of a
gods perfectly comfortable with the discrimination and subsequent
punishment of those who do not believe, falling to realize these
As millions and billions seek to fulfill the natural desire for communion with others  many
fall victim to the erroneous perception that it simply can't be that simple.  Detached and
distanced from foundational source, the victim of religion is subject to grossly distorted
interpretations of horrifying events long passed.  These events are then attributed to
'God's Will' as perceived differences among peoples and congregations become amplified
obscuring the view and embrace of the many things in common.
conditions/beliefs would be the very essence of hell.  The consequences of these beliefs
are applicable to all- both within, and without the church
You may continue to insist upon your vengeful God.  You may continue to
insist upon a God who regards you in higher favor.  If so, would you be so
kind in keeping it to yourself? Trying to please a vengeful God or a God
regarding one more favorably over another brings pain to the soul and just...
sounds like hell!