Consider the alternative…
Crucifixion is simply, disturbing and disgusting...
Crucifixion as a central element involving the
main character in a religion is sad to say the least.
For the crucifixion- ‘Jesus-died-for-our-sins’- hardliners…Save
your breath,  I’ll say it for you…You are quite correct, I will not
be spending eternity with the god who made it all possible.

If there is life after life, I would like to issue a statement to
the Gatekeeper.  I will say it now as I will say it then…
(check it
out if you care to)
If to revere a God as a loving-God, does it not stand that the
statements made in that proclamation would likely be received quite
well?  Speaking for myself, I like my chances
If you are of those who took a peak…
And, of course, god condemns all gay people.
god is vengeful,..
plotted in the death of his own son (but had poor dumb
bastards carry it out)…
regards some people(s) as ‘favorite’ (Though
there exist none to explain the ‘why’)…