a second opinion (go to another church) if you like
but, I’m confident in my diagnosis- you will remain
sick/go-to-hell if you do not swallow this...this...this

A brief diversion

Imagine if the method of execution 2000 years ago had been death by hanging?  Would then
Christian churches decorate with a noose depicted rather then a cross?  Both crucifixion and
hanging are barbaric forms of killing but for some reason it seems likely a noose would not ‘play’ as
well.  Many Christians would consider the mere inquiry as blasphemous- please inquire of yourself
the nature of belief to which you cling…please!

It seems plausible that the applied doctrine of a more authentic Christianity- one
in which Jesus had lived long enough to have fully influenced- would likely appear
in much different form along all points past and present.  Certainly Christian
churches would not have decorative crosses on or in church property.   
Significant events of the past may have been altered (if only to dispatch with the
notion that a violent death is sometimes necessary); it seems likely such
outcomes would have rendered results more positive then 'not'.  
Much of modern
Christianity seems to
resemble the template of
‘Western Medicine’
(which came first?).  It
could best be para-
phrased as follows

spectrum of shared plane.  All observable matters of belief, action, and matter would represent some
manifestation of universal principles with associate applications on both lesser and greater stratum.
thingy right here.  Remember you have a disease
(you're a sinner), please set a return appointment,
and support (pay/tithe) your 'healer'
(doctor/minister)...and that check better not
An awareness of inter-connection between all aspects of Creation
would have represented an orientation transcending any singular
discipline of thought- if only to be liberated from the interpretations of
any given moment.

Okay, we're back...

Through a doctrine of respect for all matters pertaining to
the diligent care for one another,  and a reverence for all
sources allowing material and physical subsistence, the
lessons taught by Christ would have sought to stimulate
a greater awareness to all facets of universal principles
simultaneously served in the doing of good

Perhaps Christ possessed a level of moral reasoning too far advanced relative to
the collective understanding of the day…If so, would we be better prepared to
hear the message today?..Probably so, At the  very least there would not be a
call to execute or imprison a character such as Christ.
If Jesus and Mary were the original practitioners of the
Christian religion (without the knowing), what would have
been the foundational principles of their doctrine?  If Jesus
was truly one of transcendent knowledge- with applications
across all planes, he surely would have perceived all things
material and spiritual to follow in continuity along the
”You have a disease (born a sinner),
now swallow this pill (Jesus was killed
for your sins). I’m your doctor
(minister) and I went to school
(seminary) for this…you can get

Doctor in


Imagine if the method of execution 2000 years ago had been death by hanging...Would then Christian churches decorate with a noose depicted rather then a cross...