If logic and reason
are gifts from God,
why dontchya try 'em out?

A desire to be seen as a humble
carpenter does not align with a desire to
start a religion in one’s own name...
A God colluding with a son in arrangement
for the violent death of same-son...Then  
sold as the greatest demonstration of
- in the history of love?
Profoundly contradictory notions just cannot exist
These notions simply does not align with any form of reality or justice.  These
are not characteristics of One who would extend the hospitalities within an
eternal paradise.  These notions are not from any God in any form- they are
the invention of humans...
Sick humans to be more precise.
Filicide  is an egregious act...Perhaps even transcending the notion of a 'crime'.  
It is of human arrogance to worship a god so morally inferior to all but a few
If, upon arrival to the Promised Land, you proclaim..."God I do not
believe you had your own son killed"...You're probably gonna be okay:)
Story Fails!

sold as the greatest demonstration of love- in the history of love?

Epic Fail