Within holy text there exist words attributed to Jesus that suggest a character in
conflict with the popularized depiction of his life and meaning.  The following are 2
examples along with associated implications…

“Nobody comes to the Father but by me”

This statement is divisive and
represents exclusivity as opposed to
the inclusiveness and unconditional
love said to be the cornerstones of his
doctrine.  Jesus did not verbalize this
or he is not who I say he

“Father, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Jesus did not verbalize this statement
or he is not who you say he is. The
statement itself reveals Jesus was
unaware of any Special-Agreement in
which his own life would be lost to

If we are- in large degree- to fashion our own moral codes from
the influence of positive role models this would be a prime
example of what to do....NOT!.  Relative to the breadth of
influence you would think that God would pay closer attention to
the nature of a message surely known to result in a profoundly
confused humanity...Straining to make the incompatible
compatible only to find applied doctrine fueling causes
diametrically opposed to those that should naturally be of priority
God didn’t kill Jesus, humans did.  Jesus was killed and it was
done in full compliance with the laws of a society mistaking
the cause of common good is somehow served well through
seeing fit to both label and vanquish the voices of dissent.  
There was no mechanism for appeal, and ‘justice’ was
delivered both swiftly and with incomprehensible cruelty.

There was no premeditated plan to sacrifice a life for the
good of humanity...  

There is no ‘good’ served through the willful taking of life...

Noble Gods see no point in requiring the ultimate sacrifice of their offspring.
The message associated with the life of Jesus it is that found in the notion that the ‘common
good’ is but an illusion if it perceives to be threatened by the words and actions of any one
individual.  In the absence of reverence to the individual life as the cornerstone of ‘Common
Good’ ,there is no higher authority short of a petty,,,vengeful God, and ‘salvation’ becomes
exclusively associated with death.
We are a 'Bid-Deal' only unto ourselves....Of
those areas of the Universe in which our
existence is known, we are beheld with
varying degrees of interest-  seldom
transcending that of  'Anomalous-Curiosity'