To summarize the position of modern religion…  
Jesus would have never married for it is only modern Christians who
discovered 'family values'….  Jesus would have never married a
prostitute because she would have been an unrepentant sinner who
could not have been forgiven until her would-be husband was
murdered.  Murdered by the people who could not be forgiven until
they performed the dastardly deed for the benefit of humanity forever-
n-ever, Amen.  ‘
...Well, maybe forever-n-ever' ,,,At least up to the point the evil deeds
committed on a minuscule planet overcome the ability of the God of
transcendent love to any longer tolerate.  
We don’t want to panic  we seek to reassure ourselves that all will be
okay, that we will pull off the end of humanity without a hitch- as our
religious leaders promise- but there is a nagging sensation of a great
threat.  We are learning things not found in text books and our children
don’t seem to share our understanding relative to the influential powers
of race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc.  

Someday we will realize that we've been 'punked' by the 'original punker',
that we learned the lessons originally taught though meaning and

What if…

We cannot allow that Jesus may have had children because we were promised the threat had been
removed over 2000 years ago... was it!!??.  Would the descendants of Jesus and Mary apply the
lessons of subtlety learned through the experiences of their parents?  Perhaps it is the powers of
covert operations that have assured a rise of increased awareness relevant to universally understood

and applied equality and justice  Think of a Jesus who would intentionally leave
such a mysterious legacy brilliant in design by virtue of its simplicity with a
knowing that a full understanding, countless generations away, would mature in
character and beauty the longer human silliness assured the extension of

Don't come back yet Jesus cuz I'm afraid we still need you dead…

Why are we afraid to consider the nature of religion may currently present
in a much different way if this could have happened?  Why is it that so
many feel that both we and God needed Jesus dead, only to bring him
back for a few hours, then off to another room, as we then seek to find
meaning of an important life with seeming reverence for a senseless killing
as one of the cornerstone components?
application became something fully contrary to that we originally perceived....  That full understanding
incorporates past understanding as we realize past wrongs were indispensable to the finding and
embracing all that would become right.  We took the difficult path not because it was preordained but
because we erroneously believe that a mystery requires the genius of another in order it may be solved
all-the-while failing to realize intrigue and mystery are best  experienced by the individual.

What if Jesus could have lived a life-span compatible to the full development of
both an alternative message and the time necessary for greater understanding
and incorporation into the collective conscience of society?  What if Mary
Magdalene and Jesus were not only intent upon a life-long partnership but also
regarded each other as equals as they sought to represent purer forms of
equally important masculinity and femininity?  
For many to behold the notions above as possibly true would be considered blasphemous- faith can be
questioned but, not challenged.   Meanwhile, many good people adhere to a religion shaped by conflict
and violence...a religion permeated by abundant and profound contradictions so pervasive it all
becomes somehow more believable...  

We may yearn for tranquility in the absence of violence yet, we simultaneously maintain God and
his Son would have nothing of it.

Modern Jesus

yet another interpretation

We may yearn for tranquility in the absence of violence yet, we simultaneously maintain God and his Son would have nothing of it