The reasons cited for eager anticipation of a return are seldom noble.  Often
there is a hint of elitism as groups perceive selves to be the 'chosen few'.  This
is paired with a childish morality of vengeance applied to non-believers-  an
approach perceived endorsed by Christ to evil done and/or belief not stated (as
if the two are equivalent).

The search for evidence that Christ will return- and soon, serves to deflect from
influence the very core and of the message  The obsession has countless number of
people looking outward upon the evil deeds of others all the while missing the joys to
be had simply by connecting with the infinite possibilities of both the physical and
spiritual realms.
If it really was possible Jesus could return in flesh his reaction quite
possibly may be one of mixed emotions as opposed to anger. Soon all falls
secondary as Jesus feels compassion for a humanity that clearly failed to
enjoy the social adaptations he sought as outcome through teaching and
perceiving all as equal. Anything resembling an angry response would
actually be frustration related to the fact that he was killed before his work
was completed.  Our many troubles and dysfunctional ways would be
viewed as symptoms of a deep, pervasive sadness in need of consolation.  
3 Things...

Worthy gods
do not kill
their offspring

The individual
soul becomes
entirely different
once deceased.

There will be
no return for
one who
never left
In absence of premeditated  good it will be the tyrant who fills the void through
accepted invitation.  Alliances form to serve the cause of self-preservation only to
soon morph into sponsorship of the many things considered evil.  The notion of
salvation though Christ originally derived from the soul of a Teacher- likely not
knowing the full nature of that he taught.  
Imagine a God who said "Thou shall not kill"
Imagine a God most loyal to this rule
Imagine the Creator of All Humanity
Imagine a humanity worshiping a God
A God- blind to all...
excepting all good.
Return Policy

Maybe Christ will indeed return someday as the scriptures are said to say.  
But...Man!...It sure sounds like a human invention...
Imagine a god who said "Thou shall not kill"
Imagine a god who would kill his own son
Imagine the creator of 'All' with only one son
Imagine an only-son worshiping a god...
A god who would have him killed

Salvation is the good life...It is the preservation of individual dignity.  It
is all about how- upon earth- the individual life is led.  There have
been those rare few - of which Christ surely was one-who lived and
fell during a short life characterized by the experience of  both sides
and full-range of equality and justice...It need not happen this way
Imagine a people worshiping a son
who worshiped the father who would have him killed
Imagine eternal paradise
ran by the father who killed his own son...
Imagine the confusion this might cause
return policy
kind to animals