Recently, there was a Hollywood movie spinning an alternative
story pertaining to Jesus.  "The Da vinci Code" story proposes that
Jesus was actually married and raised children within that
Not only that, he was married to a known prostitute in Mary Madelene.  Whether or
not this version is true is of secondary importance (Jesus stories from the
beginning have consistently demonstrated little connection to accuracy).  The
issue of primary importance is that of perceived representation.
Many would proclaim such an account as 'sacrilegious' as it runs fully contrary
to the one 'true-story'...Ironically proclaimed as 'so' with conclusions derived
from the same evidence (or lack thereof). But...
Imagine Jesus falling in love with a prostitute...
Most would agree in speculation that Jesus placed value upon an
appreciation for individual characteristics not immediately visible to
others…  Why could Jesus not marry a prostitute… have children… and still
be revered as Jesus?  Was Jesus counter-culture or was he judgmental?  
Can a good person  be great only if we kill'em?  
If to focus upon the death of Christ it then becomes easier to disregard
what it means to love a prostitute, befriend the outcast, and support the
fragile.  The focus then becomes the pursuit of 'meaning'  through
complicity with the dictates of dogmatic religious doctrine rather then
consideration directed to comprehending the trajectory of a gentle life-lived
among and within- all living creatures.
Why would it be that we could not allow the possibility that Jesus would wed
a prostitute and raise a family with this woman?  What is it about the
occupation of prostitution that would preclude a woman from ever
attracting another person of high virtue?  What is it that would deny the  
prostitute the consideration of 'virtuous'?
Meanwhile any account to social obligation by a "john" ends at the
conclusion of the financial transaction?!  Well Jesus was no
"john"...Jesus-was Jesus-... dammit.  
How rare is it to see an adult man who was not threatened by any
relationships prior to himself?  Talk about somebody truly in touch with
his own sexual-orientation- fully realizing his attraction to Mary had very
little to do with the act of sex- and everything to do with both, a love for
humanity, and a love for women- transcendent physical attraction but,
still very much related to her femininity

The story of Mary as the wife of Jesus is an alternative parable- and
perhaps differentiates from the traditional story of Jesus- only in that it is a
less popular interpretation…

Absolute righteousness excludes all others… yet, those who possess it rarely
ponder their own reflection.  And as they steep in the pot of unparalleled
arrogance, they never contemplate just what it may be that makes them so...
Damn... Special.
There are many who believe religious stories will forever
stand as was to them first told... The vast majority do not (a
natural feature to any idea/doctrine operating in absence of
majority representation). All factions look to the 'other'
beholding as 'blasphemers' those daring to doubt, never
acknowledging countless others believe with equally strong
conviction that it is only their version standing  'truly-true'.
Religion long ago became something other then an
accurate account of historical events.  In the absence of
indisputable fact, interpretation of meaning ultimately
becomes the charge of the Individual.  Religion claims
value conferred to an individualized connection with God
yet, insists as fact the minor details irrelevant to the

Another Jesus Story


Religion claims value conferred to an individualized connection with God yet, insists as fact the minor details irrelevant to the message

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