Holy Martyr

The premature death of Jesus Christ is an event perhaps on a plane
similar to that of President Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.  And if
on the same plane…seeming attached with extended and sometimes
tragic consequences far beyond our 2 noble American icons.  And
though the spirit of 'justice' surely view these losses as profound
tragedy- there are many who would proclaim the exact opposite is
How could our perspective have become so distorted… Seemingly so far of the basic points
a peaceful man would have sought to convey?  These distortions, unintentional and
otherwise, have contributed to the prosperity of tyranny with associated suffering beyond

Was it the lack of modern recording/documentation technologies and
techniques that prevented comprehension of the message?  Maybe it is
the persistent perception that the message of Christ can be best
understood when delivered uncontested through the mouth of another.  
that which one mind could hope to ever comprehend.  
There would be many who
would agree that the message
of Jesus has been perversely
distorted over the centuries.  

Simultaneously, many of the same would also proclaim it is the other who has
it wrong.  Those who would most proclaim to understand are often those
furthest away from that they would claim to possess.  

Herein lies a clue to a fundamental flaw in human thinking...acknowledge the
flaw and we will fundamentally change for the better in profound ways….

It is not, was not okay that Jesus Christ was murdered.  Never has been, never will
be.  There was absolutely nothing gained by his murder.  Never has been, never will
be.  In perhaps a Supreme example of inequality, those who had not the relative
strength to prevent his murder are not fully exempted accountability.  They who were
'those' at the time likely anguished not only for the loss but also with the realization
there was no effective action to stop the perceived inevitability of a great injustice.  It
Perhaps there has never been an individual death with more tragic consequences.  We are
simultaneously blessed and cursed that there co-existed individuals who understood Jesus was an
individual with profound understanding.  In the absence of a full life allowed to live to the span of
nature's course, the students not permitted the time to process the 'brilliance of simplicity' were left
only to speculate a trajectory to a course that should have been.  
was a tragedy occurring in a flash of time with consequences to reverberate forward in perpetuity

If a holy man dies by way of violent injustice there is no context known
through which to explain.  It then becomes interpreted as serving purpose
on some higher plane...it must surely align with a god whose  plans we can
never hope to understand.

Perhaps there is a secret connected with the life of Jesus- indeed
punctuated by his death. Death at the hands of another is always violent,
and always unjust

Christians would enjoy being Christians much more if only the murder of
Christ was not regarded as a necessary and good thing.

Perhaps it is time to
expand the interpretation
and understanding of Jesus
Christ as an
individual and as an
influential character
in a pervasive and
powerful story.