The literal interpretation of biblical text...
depicting miracle
s impossible to replicate...
dismisses the opportunity to comprehend
the nature of miracles that may have truly been
Somehow equating meaning...
exclusively defined...
by an event having occurred
exactly as it is/was depicted.
Some desires/pursuits just cannot co-exist
simultaneously…a desire to be seen as a humble
carpenter does not align with a desire to start a
religion in one’s own name,
2nd Coming...

You want Jesus to return?

Stop glorifying violence...

Stop worshiping a god to whom
you represent a better person
then your god is as a god.  

Do these things and ye shall find
the Jesus within...
The Jesus that has always been.
The first impression of a second coming...
may be the exposure to a religious symbol
depicting the virtues of crucifixion
in varying degrees of detail...

The first response would be an expression
congruent with reactivated trauma...
The second
response would be an expression
congruent with profound sorrow.

Initially, the displacement of so-called 'sin' as a
burden- outsourced to another- may have had
the appeal of convenience (and a decreased
sense of personal accountability).  There may
have been a sense of an increased freedom to
do and say whatever impulse may suggest.