Relative to the applications of any well-intended individual seeking to
provide support, the treatment of symptoms would often bring relief-
likely only temporary- and the gap between the perceived evolution of
societies, and the actual evolution found in nature, would reach a
span far too great to bridge.
In this environment the child born intended as 'Ambassador to Evolution',
with the innate ability to one-day behold larger flows of direction and
context, eventually assumes a course viewed as 'divergent' as opposed
to 'parallel' and is seen as a 'liability' rather then a 'resource'
To whom, of certain traits we apply the term Schizophrenia, is it really an illness if to view as
originating from evolutionary processes?
If to perceive mental illness as 'Something Other'...
The Individual so recently thought 'ill' transitions to represent '
Something Else'.  
Individuals and entities aligned to support this individual also transition to
represent '
Something Other’.  
If seen as a product of evolution perhaps this individual comes to
represent a product of aggregate humanity with a purpose
derived from evolutionary influences.  If so, what would that
purpose be?  
If advancing civilizations incorporate technology into every
facet of fabric and infrastructure, it seems plausible that
such civilizations may experience negative effect if to
far-surpass the evolutionary adaptations occurring
naturally within shared realms.  
Those holding solutions would present as problems if the  
underlying function of 'aberrant' behavior was obscured from realization.