Within a single classroom while immersed in the relative simplicity of childhood the individual may
appear to be well ahead of his/her peer group.  The world makes sense consequential to a finite
number of meta-categories to which concepts, facts, and general sensory input just seem to
naturally assume proper place.  To this point the child has experienced little that would challenge
these basic concepts and there is limited ability- and thus no perceived need- for the
understanding, or incorporation, of nuance and/or contradiction.
This is will be no ordinary fall- this is will be an accelerated fall seeming more
pronounced by virtue of the heights from which it departed.

Possible indicators?..

There may be a degree of hyper vigilance present in one or more areas as the child
responds to a subconscious/instinctual sense that something significant could be lost if
only to fall behind in the processing and filing of information now only vaguely sensed to
be accumulating.  If able to detect the lowest level of anxiety, it would- at this juncture-
likely be found in the earliest stages
But, there may be subtle, yet unique and significant indicators present to suggest the
young child is experiencing the world in ways different relative to his/her peer group.  
The child now experiencing success in ways exceptional (or close) may be doing so
through expending greater effort then any brief observation would suggest.  

The child may experience a degree of social isolation- not as a function of
disagreeable personality traits- perhaps more related to an inability to consistently
understand and align with the interests of his/her peers.

A degree (likely subtle) of OCD- perhaps rituals that follow a certain
pattern with little wavering (study at certain time/place, rules for self to
which there is no expectation others will or should adhere).  The child
may become visibly upset if the routine is disrupted.
Relative to the nature of events pertaining to a greater society/world the
child may express opinions better formed relative to peers and perhaps
expressed  with greater zeal.  The child may be occasionally negatively
affected (perhaps disproportionately) by the nature/volume of news as it
relates to tragedies- natural and otherwise.  

As the child grows, so do the demands and expectations mandating attention.    
Whether by begging or barging, there are now many more factors to consider across
all realms of individual existence.  The once-sound infrastructure begins to strain as
new material often lingers in the absence of precedent.  Backed up and overflowing,
information then follows gravitational pull seeking only vacant space.  At some point
in this particular phase, categorical placement converts from something of low
priority to something that is now not fully possible- it is a dramatic shift and the
possible beginning of a precipitous descent…

Of course many of these observations would be applicable to other diagnoses as well- the
question is to which neurological function(s) does any one observable anomaly serve? And, on a
broader scale, what is the intended evolutionary function(s) associated with the underlying
condition? (if viewed as an entity,  what would Evolution like to see?)
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Perhaps this child initially 'gets there' as benefactor of the faulty filter failing to regulate the flow of
incoming information.  The child, perhaps similar to his/her peers, maintains a finite number of
categories within which information is filed.  Although, at the moment, this particular child has the
capacity to hold much more information relative to peers.
Relative to Early Success...
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