If to the present, Nature sends the sensitive child, it seems likely this  'practice' would have existed
prior to the recording of history.  If so, there would likely be an intended adaptive function applicable to
aggregate evolution
If, for millenniums, Nature sent the individual slightly out of context relative to the
norm, it would likely have been for the purpose of contribution to the incremental
advance of aggregate humanity.   Favorable outcome relative to Common Cause
would then occur through symbiotic contributions of all involved in regard as
relative equals.
If the factors relevant to sequential evolution were to
accelerate (or, became disproportionately influenced by
unprecedented/unknown factors), Nature itself would be
required to alter course.  Individual direction and purpose
would become much less intuitive .

If, over time, the manifestations of schizophrenia have incorporated complexity and a
variety of forms (over and above that which can be explained by improved assessment
and attention) it may be directly attributable to the nature of the environment within
which the individual is immersed.  If that environment is perceived by the individual as
a representation of greater society there may well emerge a subconscious sense of
foreboding threat, spawned by an instinct, strongly suggesting, that not all presently
beheld is healthy and/or sustainable.

Perhaps it is this person- more sensitive to the notions of equality and justice- who fears the darker side of
humanity will be the prevailing force if the underlying social structure becomes vulnerable consequential to
If Nature sends the sensitive child- some of whom
develop schizophrenia- the issue then becomes a
riddle to
solve rather then an illness to cure
unanticipated catastrophe.  If one whose default instinct is to
look for 'place' within the context of the 'common good, it would
certainly seem the worthy cause to assist.