To this world the sensitive child is born with the innate ability to adapt at
the pace of evolution.  


It’s the 21st century and it’s all very nice but not quite right.  The child will
learn the language of the spoken and written, but will find language itself
has not kept pace with profound change.  Where words explain, there is
no precedent, elsewhere there is plenty of which to refer,  but no words
to explain.  During days spent on pavement, cars, and air conditioned
buildings the weather report is more accurate then ever before- and
would be interesting if only a little more relevant to the course of a day.
To this planet a child is born- soon to behold...A world terrifying in many ways.  For a brief
amount of time he/she may appear to flourish along perceived shared path.  Perhaps it is this
child who experiences an instinctual quest to understand the nature of fundamental
knowledge.  At the point of maximum capacity- just prior full-saturation- the future EP* has arrived at the
zenith of functioning relative to integration of all vital components contributing in unison.   When viewed
through the frame of contemporary statistical measurements, he/she likely appears to excel relative to
peers...He/she is at the 'top of their game'
Sometimes things 'true' are proclaimed so often
they simply seem as if they must be 'false'.  
Sometimes things 'false' are proclaimed so often
they eventually gain credibility in seeming 'true'.
Very soon  the accustomed stability and structure will become vulnerable...Whether by
influence of instinctive fear or, the mechanics of proportionate disparity to input over
output, the child begins to subconsciously sense the burdens of understanding
experienced out of sequence.  The seeming inevitable fall will disregard all things
neutral or static in  rapid transfer to polar extremes.
Then Again...

The forces of Evolution are amoral by design. There can be no favoritism if to remain both existent and
relevant...Collateral turbulence can be profound.  There will be those never allowed the time or
opportunity to transgress, seeming to suffer the fate otherwise reserved for those seeming most guilty.

He/she was at the 'top of their game'- but very soon this child began to realize that
this is not their game...Somebody/something else has set the rules.   It soon
becomes apparent that
everyone was involved...It is an observation quite correct
Evolutionary forces have no regard for neutrality and/or homeostasis.   As it pertains
to the sequential developments of mere existence, that which follows the moment is
either in continuous advance or, in descent to extinction.  Regardless to era, it is
nature sending the child who beholds reality as it 'could' one day be.   Sometimes this
burden may seem an unjust imposition...
There is no individual fully exempt from participation.  There is no
individual fully exempt the collective consequences.

It is in fact true...

Present-day societies continue the consumption of non-renewable sources at a rate-
suggesting a pervasive belief must surely be- the age of "Magic and Miracles' is the Epoch
soon to emerge.   It is also true that in the absence of a prevailing miracle ( or deliberate
and effective intervention), the collective course will continue to appear subject to the
consequences of self-inflicted tragedies. Worse then becomes worse by the broad
perception that this is how Creation would have it.
The child is born to a place as sent by nature...Only upon arrival to find- nature is no
longer exclusive to nature; morphing through countless small impositions once thought to
cause no harm. The child detects no place for play; no discernible context for contribution.  

The individual searches for 'place'- finding it elusive, while Nature and Evolution are left
only to speculate upon the attributes of that appropriate to send.
If viewed as a phenomenon of nature
as a natural phenomenon in response to nature
it is nature itself begging to be heard.