Proceeding as if true…

The challenge found in the attempts to identify prodromal predictors may be made more difficult by
virtue of symptoms disguised and/or presenting in a fashion fully opposite to that which logic would
suggest to be expected.  but, earlier then early* there may have been clues present with extensions
to the future- although likely difficult to detect even if to know the nature.
While sensory filters may be faulty at the front-end,  there may also be a
mechanism within preventing the information from passing through- essentially
a plugged or obstructed drain, or maybe a ‘traffic jam’… or, ‘clusterf xxx k.  
Perhaps it is a diminished ability to categorize and/or prioritize                         
the information as it is experienced.
In early childhood the 'mentally ill' individual of the future likely presents as
nothing unusual relative to behavior or development.  

There may be a cumulative effect relative to material already gaining mass- the nature of which
will someday rise to interfere with the transitional processes of developmental stages heretofore
perceived to be proceeding by incremental sequence.  
At some point the accumulated information reaches some sort of threshold perhaps awaiting
release upon the experience of a triggering event-- it may even be an event absent any inherent
negativity.  Regardless, it is a point the individual begins to feel overwhelmed and will soon emerge
Early Early Years
If a processing delay is present relative to prioritizing and cataloging input, a mass of
information never subject to assimilation then defaults to a form of storage to be dealt
with at another time.