Within any group of 2 or more people there will always be found- the individual   
who occupies the space on the outer extreme relative to any issue subject to
degree.  If to extend any brief gathering of 100 individuals to a span of 1 million
years, there would likely not be a single soul who would become a serial killer.  
But, however unlikely,  there would be one individual 'more likely'; even if only
'more likely' to develop a propensity for propensities.   

This person has many obligations relative to the demands of the present.  He/She
may limit scope and perspective to contemporary society (In many cases there is
simply little time left for the consideration of anything else).  While this person is
Perhaps there is a mechanism within evolutionary processes that assures the
birth of individuals able view existence on larger scales and over longer spans
of time.  If so, it would likely be a process found to be in existence at the very
‘dawn of civilization’.  Throughout the span of human existence it would have
manifested in the individuals among any 'civilization of distinction' who would
have been revered for insights and vision for which there was no full
explanation possible if to limit understanding to all in present context.  While
true for some, it would have also been the person burned-at-the-stake or,
otherwise viciously defiled, in other “civilizations” and/or eras

Conceivably, it is on a fairly regular basis that same child is born to the
present.  This child is predisposed to both, 'view' and 'be viewed' in manners
slightly outside the bounds of those things known within present context.  

Early in life the bright and open-minded child may have received information at
a pace similar to peers; it may have been a fundamental curiosity functioning as
the mechanism by which the process of accumulation began to overrun
assimilation .  Regardless,  at some point the information begins to overflow.  As
a measure to protect a vulnerable mind, subconscious instinct intervenes to
alter the course of input.

Meanwhile, the majority of the child’s peers proceed in a more conventional fashion
as they begin to ponder the opportunities within the context of that perceived to
exist in contemporary society.  It is a process aided by a general ability to find
individual destiny within the broad parameters of established and shared channels.  
To regulate the amount of information coming in is not feasible (he/she is not
yet aware of drugs and/or alcohol).  Perhaps it is at this point nature imposes
a moratorium upon the continued expansion of new categories.  For the sake
of efficiency and sanity all incoming information must now assume housing
only within the base infrastructure already in existence.
‘good’ and of favorable character, he/she may have little insight relative to the direction of collective
course: if that particular course heads in the direction of aggregate self destruction, this person may
not realize until a point too late.  It is here the more noble evolutionary-forces-of-survival would
prefer greater influence and longevity.
The core of this particular individual is relatively solid.  Regardless to past or present,  
this person contributes and- to a large extent- defines the virtues found within any
contemporary society.   Relative to any era found in history, the role this individual
assumes- relative to advocating for self and society- would likely present similarly along the continuum
of time.

And it's ghooood…
Evolutionary Function?

The majority representation within any conglomerate will instinctively remain well within the boundaries  
of any given issue.  Relative to both people and notions- the slight-aberrations  observed in one are
neutralized of influence through the counter-balance of slight-aberrations found in another.
running out
evolutionary processes