The topics addressed in this section pertain to the topic of Schizophrenia and the notion of 'Mental
Illness' as a whole.  It is an effort to understand these conditions within the broader contexts of
human evolution and the past/present societal conditions lending definition.

-As it pertains to cause there may exist a contributing factor of equal importance to the
understanding of anomalies related to the brain processing sensory input.

-The challenge found in the attempts to identify prodromal predictors may be made more difficult
by virtue of symptoms disguised in early presentation.

-The nature of that which propels the notable success observed in the grade school years may
convert to that which negatively distracts the young adult.

The high incidence of diminished motivation may be partly attributable to an inability to prioritize
tasks relative to importance (
deadlines?)and/or sequence
Flipside to Schizophrenia?
The search for alternative explanations to both the cause and function driving the broad range of
symptoms presently understood as 'mental illness'.


Real or Not

Schizophrenglish spoken here.