Of the Majority

Within the space between the foundational concepts framing life on earth there exists the nuance
relative to a collective functioning in the context of the present.  In contribution to life as it appears to
be, the typical individual adapts views and behaviors to assure survival is secured within a mass of an
ever-expanding humanity.  Taken as a matter of faith the typical individual presumes most is as it
should be, and focuses upon the pursuit of an honorable and happy life.  

Then Not…

The lack of motivation known to be a symptom may be related to an inability to determine a starting
point.  If to randomly choose a place to start there may be a sense that by electing one over the other
is equivalent to fully dismissing the importance of both- then to conclude that none of it has any
importance at all.

Something does…

While there are now many fragments filed into broad categories, once in awhile sufficient mass
congeals to form around a specific issue/cause.  Rising to prominence from a sea of random
fragments-existing in relative parity- there is now something of distinction.  The sensitive individual
perceiving purpose to be found in serving collective interests has found ‘Worthy-Cause'.  (although
many marginally relevant ‘riders’ may dilute/pollute the presentation)
Meanwhile the sensitive individual senses things are not as they should/could be.  As a young child,
life made sense but, in the present?...much less so.  The nature of that which evolution brought as
a measure to perpetuate- now arrives to discover limited context for play within a humanity seeming
counter-productive and self-destructive in almost every way.  
Could it Be?,,,

Perhaps the individual eventually becomes overwhelmed due to
challenges developing sub-categories through which information
could be dispersed and prioritized relative to importance. As the
process continues, fragmented information gravitates to the
foundational categories.  As the container continues to fill, a
limited ability to discriminate equates to all material becoming
understood as relatively equal in significance and priority.  
For some reason the individual likely found great success in the early years. There was an ability to
process most information received... Although only briefly exposed, the parameters of a small world
just seemed to make sense.  
Most would agree there are numerous reasons any given individual may experience a sustained
lack of motivation.  In many cases a seeming bright and active mind will inexplicably lead the
individual on a path of isolation and diminished activity.  
How could this possibly happen?...
Later this person was unable to keep pace with the flow of input as a gathering storm begins to
coalesce among numerous and overlapping factors of influence.  Innumerable and nebulous it
becomes difficult to understand the complexities and proportion of competing agents.  
Despite the seeming enormity of the challenge, it may be possible to identify some of the components
of broader influence.  An effort to isolate/explain one or more variables may look something like this...

Dude, all is
vanity and
and nothing


negative symptoms

As a result, fragmented information gravitated to the foundational categories and a limited ability to discriminate equated to all material becoming understood as relatively equal in significance and priority.

Constrained to narrow parameters, somewhere between the problem and the solution, this individual
yearns to play a part...
It would be so much easier if to find a place to start.