A Need Served
For every social practice there is a legitimate human need providing the inertia
allowing transcendence over mere existence. Within the opposition to any practice
subject to moral interpretation there is usually an underlying substance suggesting
something of more significance then that attributable solely to religious fanaticism.
What legitimate human need is addressed through the practice of abortion? Does the practice of
abortion fully serve that need and if so, at what cost?  Few, if any, would argue that aborting a fetus
would be affiliated with the ‘ideal’ under any circumstance.
perplexing irony we are asked to consider the following: The archetypal female
characteristics are usually associated with the qualities of compassion, generosity,
creativity.... yet a collective "she" may endorse a practice that seemingly runs quite contrary
to these very traits

There is a critical human need for which the practice of
abortion is, at least perceived, to address.  The exact
nature of that need no one person could identify with full
certainty. If to fully understand the underlying need(s),
perhaps it would be possible to identify alternatives other
then that of terminating the process of one of natures more
stunning sequence of events.

Certainly one of the main considerations to the issue is the liberation of a collective
femininity to self-determine individual destiny through allowing women more options.  In
the societal realm there is presumably an opportunity for society to include more
input/influence from women (and we do need more of that!).  It is with a sense of
From a purely analytical and apolitical perspective there seems an incongruity, perhaps
a failure to be true to foundational attributes. On another level, the practice of abortion
presents as a purely pragmatic approach with no indication of creative thought. Matter of
fact, the whole damn thing sounds like a mans idea in the first place...
The world desperately needs more influence from women but it must come in the form
of "women being women" otherwise absolutely nothing changes.  
What about RAPE!!.

The ultimate loss of control for the victim… The ultimate
disrespect…an egregious personal violation. In a
spiritual sense, perhaps the most vile of crimes. What
can be done to support the women who becomes
pregnant resulting from a sex crime?  Many are opposed
to abortion even under these circumstances.

First of all, can we acknowledge this scenario is typically exploited for
purpose of political gain relevant to the argument? It is usually employed
as a hypothetical event with few ever considering the devastation
experienced by the individual victim.  Frivolous use of
this argument may pose the risk of diluting the
collective regard of sexual assault as ‘despicable’.
To Conclude?

Does sanctioned abortion pass the 100 year test?  Perhaps the aborting of a human fetus will continue to be a
legal option for years to come.  Certainly, such procedure- conducted under proper medical supervision and
technique- is vastly preferable to a return to 'back-alley' procedures performed with crude instruments by nefarious
characters.  But what are the forces that lead up to this 'choice'? and is it a choice made more legitimate simply by
saying it is so?  Relative to 'that-choice' we may assume the impoverished young woman '
has no other' but that
may merely be the convenience of our believing '
that's just the way things are'

The victim would be encouraged to terminate the
pregnancy while a compassionate society absorbs all
reasons for possible hesitancy or remorse. As a woman
embraces those who help the soul to heal a collective society bears the of consequence as justice is
allowed fair due.  'The People' then fully unleash an unmistakable disapproval by charging the
perpetrator with rape
and the murder of his own child.