It is human nature to assume the extreme through recoil
following attack Often it is in the process of a recoil when an
individual uncovers a deeper passion for the issue. At that
moment the individual spontaneously stakes claim on the outer
fringes before any rebound effect causes a move to
In moments of quiet contemplation perhaps you-regardless of philosophical
orientation- will advance the cause of humanity through consideration given to
these questions and/or nuances associated with the issue…
While shaping any argument relevant to the issue it may be important to acknowledge
that at any stage on the continuum of development there exists an on-going sequence
of events in which the birth of a human-being represents destination if only

Regardless of current perspective, or position on the topic, it may be beneficial for any
person involved to momentarily disregard the topical rants of politics and religion.  
the moderate.  With equal passion and conviction there is no perceived
room for compromise while positions gravitate to diametrically opposed
Removal of self from the barrage of antagonistic rhetoric may provide the opportunity to consider the
issue of abortion from an alternative perspective.
Any change to position should not be viewed as capitulating to a compulsory
morality imposed by politics or religion. Rather, belief would be best served by a
point of origin found in the individual answer to the question of relative
benefit/detriment for the cause of a greater humanity.  
If one oriented to science
as opposed to religion…
When viewed through the
frame of 'evolution'
is the practice
of abortion compatible
with the forces that
propel the evolution of

If religious...

it may be helpful to advance the argument
beyond merely citing the conglomerate belief
of any given religion.  Any reasonable person
would proclaim to be 'pro-life'...why is it you
are against the practice of legalized
abortion?  You yourself proclaim that God
gave you a brain...use it dammit!  Your side
may one day reclaim the lead- say something