There is a sense that the ‘crusader’ behaving in a manner
inconsistent with the crusade has no credibility in contribution the
proclaimed 'cause'...  The world is seemingly saturated with
critics needing only inconsistency as the sole disqualifier.  
As it pertains to humanity ‘you’re either with us or
against us so…Fellow Hypocrites unite! For not
even God knows what will be right for tomorrow
Is it unique to humans upon this planet that we seem the only life form capable of being hypocritical?   
Perhaps we are most troubled by the misunderstanding of the necessity...

The spirit senses the soul of a species, born to the knowledge of the good in common. The
physical being feels warm from these fuzzy thoughts but, demands of the mind, pragmatism
and vigilance- in service to survival.  There are the needs of the day to consider in making
possible the dreams of tomorrow.  Where these things begin or end cannot be known.
And so the standard becomes mind-over-matter in service to perfection.  The
distance from matter-to-mind is manageable- but, from mind-to-perfection... while
deep in matter?….Well...
At the highest level of virtue there exists that of which many regard as perfection- many would
likely perceive this as a representation of their God.  In knowing of perfection- it can never be
attained-  perfection equates to God.  Of any God there are none can say  to what degree the
individual will become accountable to godly perfection . god then becomes the explanation for
all the frailties and tragedies befalling the human experience.  
These things cannot be fully understood, this is very frightening,  God then becomes
an Explanation to be feared as opposed to the force of Creation to which life-and all
the beauty within- is attributed.  Meanwhile, any observation of random events upon
this earth and throughout the universe reveals there is no value placed upon order
and uniformity.
Nobody has it right
because nobody can; never
will.  To any who may
understand that- it is the
closest anyone ever can.
Bound to
The aggregate soul of humanity instinctively senses an entirely different reality- alternative that currently
witnessed.   It is a realization that- absent the daily obligations demanded by the physical being- there
would be an experience transcending all that could ever be known.