Creation holds no regard for perfection as defined by physical
beings.  Among individuals and entities perfection is found in
imperfection...Found in the mix of volatile factors constantly
redefining in communion among the forces within
dynamic higher-process.   
There is the religious hypocrite and he is a tortured soul.  There
will be no escape for him. He is cursed to never recognize heaven
as he has chosen to live a hell-upon-earth.  He clings to the belief
that spending eternity with a God- best served through
suffering- will somehow be better once ’off the clock'.
Upon arrival
and in the midst of paradise
there will be no joy
absent experiential reference.  
Cursed in occupation
of sterile middle ground
constrained by parameters
void of beauty and originality.
It is a torment self-inflicted
through the insistence that noble virtue is static
paralyzed by the misconstrued notion
it was only he who could not adhere to full virtue .
Failing to Realize...

Were it not for the hypocrite there would be no evolution in spirit... or, in
flesh... or, recognition that the both rely upon approximations within the
other in order to exist.  It is a misperception that mind, body, and spirit
must be in perpetual alignment.  Perfect alignment is only possible upon
death and even that relies upon the non-existence of an afterlife
There is a code for the moment... It changes in the very next.  That which
was just so recently 'needed'  now becomes that in need of change.
Whether the actions of the individual equate to momentum backward or,
forward is of secondary importance....  Whatever we do- it will be
inconsistent with that of which will be required in the future.
It was of highest virtue to which life was thought committed,
always elusive to the best of intent and effort.
Now and forever, burdened by great secrets,
held outside misery and misunderstanding.




There is a code for the moment... It changes in the very next. That which was just so recently 'needed' now becomes that in need of change.