Over countless centuries
people with disabilities
were viewed as a burden
to society. Although
united in spirit based in
foundational hope, a
beautiful message,
expressed through
countless unique forms,
was largely missed...
Missed by those who judged individual worth- by narrow
definition- relative to the 'fittest'.   Dismissed by those who
could not the message not spoken... Feeling nothing when touched by someone seemingly so unlike.  
There we were, then, as today, showing all a better way.  You see us walking down
your street as we too have benefited from working together to a better ‘us’.  Soon
will come the day when regard as equal is given to what we say... It will then be
discovered... 'us' and you are now seen as ‘we’.  
Without we there is no higher plane...  We are nothing and alone to wonder...why I have not the power to start
or stop
anything worth beholding.

Throughout the world, over countless centuries and countless
tyrannical regimes, it is we who have suffered the most.  We realized
there was no easy way to convince you we held the
answer not the
Brutality became seen as strength as expressed through the sword--
only to then fall to a sword much larger or better disguised.  Our ways
seemed hopelessly ineffective but...
We will see an endless horizon to the east and the west when a liberating knowledge will reveal to forever
be, what it forever was...
was one left standing with fitness defined by fear.  We chose not to waiver; you may
think we had no choice but choosing to live is the only hope for good to gain voice.
To us more clear...