privilege.  As it has always been, and will always be, there is existence of the more
vulnerable individual or group within the mechanisms of interdependence inherent .
Having effectively dispatched the absurd notion of a 'master race' there has arisen a
more subtle misunderstanding to fill the vacuum.  It is a perception/fear that those
representing the 'fringe' may not be inherently equal.  It is the beholding of that
labeled  'knowledge'
as knowledge- while simultaneously assuming aggregate
society has never been this far 'advanced'.
Meanwhile those 'within' are only subconsciously aware that those on the fringe
provide the reference point by which the comfort of their own 'belonging' is
established.  Those
'within' need those on the fringe...And, for the most part, they
need them to
stay there.  There will be supplemental  material support and an
even greater amount of 'noble intent' but there will be no true-sense of belonging
and only a few will escape the gravitational pull inherent to the conditions in which
poverty, crime, and hopelessness seem to self-perpetuate without obstruction.
To the argument- the very works of those who portray human evolution as ubiquitous
and dynamic- seem to contradict the foundational tenants of their proclaimed beliefs.   
The notion 'Master Race' looks to the mirror only to discover the tolerance of inequality
is the 'less-ugly Monster' by the narrowest of margins.
Wherever 3 or more congregate there is always the one individual/group in
occupation of the space on the 'fringe'- this applies to all traits humanly possible to
 But, rather then seen as a matter of fact, it is usually beheld as a
problem/obstacle.  Soon to follow is an obsession within the 'majority' relative to the
course of action appropriate for those seen as a 'burden' to society.  
In the mingle of living entities the pursuit of exclusive power is driven by the desire
for dominance.  The vision of singular influence obscures recognition of the
adversary as indispensable.  From simmer, to boil, the margin of error diminishes
as the consequences of failure escalate to threaten full annihilation.
Within any given society those on the fringe emerge to represent the self-imposed limitations voluntarily
imposed upon the collective imagination.  Specifically, It is lack of imagination as culprit, in the allowance
of tragedy within the great numbers of vulnerable individuals/groups who simply fall from the fringe into
the abyss.   It is a tragedy compounded by the fact it need not occur, and would be so easy to rectify.
Fringe of a Planet...
It is a vast, violent, and amoral universe wherein the existence of life emerges accidental and fragile.  
Shrouded by the outside threat of incomprehensible forces, those upon also risk self-imposed
destruction from within.  
Those who view the human as a static vessel- both created and destroyed by god-  can cite as affirming
evidence the actions of those who scoff at their beliefs.  Meanwhile, those beholding the gods of religion
with contempt, fail to detect the legitimacy of relevant admonitions obscured in absurdity.
Throughout the human history of societal evolution the instinctual will to survive
manifests in the creation of social hierarchies with associated authority and
to  any greater social context.  This is simply inherent to the nature of existence..

strength of the weak

embrace the inner hypocrite


Those beholding the gods of religion with contempt, fail to detect the legitimacy of relevant admonitions entangled in the absurdities