Humans often perceive all other life forms subservient to
their own...Whether true or not, it does appear that all
species suffer proportionately relative to the magnitude
of any human calamity.
While there may be substance to the wisdom of
awareness in the moment, there are also limitations
associated with disproportionate regard.  Undue regard
for the present assumes the title of ‘reality’ placing value
upon the ‘common experience’.  In this case, the most
paralyzing aspect inherent to the notion of 'reality' is that
which is perceived to qualify as such.  

Through a process of excluding all that 'could be'-
‘reality’ becomes presumed immune to any
modifications.  ‘Reality’ then becomes the ‘bitch’ it is
known to be as it functions as an obstacle to infringe
upon the dreams of the individual.
In the mingle of living entities the pursuit of
exclusive power is driven by the desire for
dominance.  The vision of singular influence
obscures recognition of the adversary as
indispensable.  From simmer, to boil, the margin
of error diminishes as the consequences of
failure escalate to threaten full annihilation.
The constrictions associated with the
conventional definition of 'reality' have
more relevance to events of the past but,
should have little to do with our individual
or collective future.
What is beyond the realm of individual control?  
Perhaps only that which expressed by another
It is then the individual establishes for self
meaning ascribed through interpretation

If to attribute the actions of another as
derived in response to external circumstances,
Personal accountability is lost.
The individual has been disrespected...

now seen as a representation of something less
than fully autonomous

Meanwhile those 'within' are only subconsciously
aware that those on the fringe provide the
reference point by which the comfort of their own
'belonging' is established.  Those 'within' need
those on the fringe...And, for the most part, they
need them to stay there.  

There will be supplemental  material support and
an even greater amount of 'noble intent' but there
will be no true-sense of belonging and only a few
will escape the gravitational pull inherent to the
conditions in which poverty, crime, and
hopelessness seem to self-perpetuate with