Evolution...Take 1
softened the influence of the harsh forces of nature through
seemingly favorable and pervasive manipulations of our
environment.  Concurrently, we seem to have greatly advanced our
knowledge of the human body-  reducing
infant mortality at the start, and extending
life expectancy to postpone the end.
An adamant disciple of evolutionary theory may suggest that our advancing medical
and environmental manipulations serve to severely damage the cause of humanity
by severely altering the course intended by the selective forces of nature.  Those
who may endorse this claim would likely cite as evidence the contrast of medical
interventions comparative to the practices of past to present.  Such an argument
would likely suggest that the more fragile and vulnerable humans among us are
much more likely to both survive and reproduce.  
Perhaps it is the case that a collective humanity has
detrimentally 'softened' with the passage of time.  As a
manifestation, the individual becomes less able to
thrive independently and becomes increasingly reliant
upon the external supports of the technology and
Take 1
From the perspective of ‘scientific evolution’, the
ongoing development of the physical human may
not only be slowed, but indeed reversed.  When
humanity contemplates the practical applications
derived from this dimension of a theory it is easy to
comprehend why religions might instinctually shun
the notion in entirety.

If the rules of 'Natural Selection' and 'Survival of the Fittest' are among the forces
shaping destiny for the living species on Earth, then surely humanity is also subject
to these influences.  Although, at the present  it would seem we have neutralized or
institutions of a collective humanity.  If the collective dependency increases
simultaneous with a decrease of individual 'self-reliance' this would be widely viewed,
by both science and religion, as gravely detrimental to the causes of humanity.
What if it's True?

At first glance it may seem as though most of the answers could
be found in the realm of applied science and medicine.  It would
seem that continued advancements in genetic, medicinal, and
nutritional understanding could 'bridge the gap’ to assure the
continued evolutionary development of our own species.  
Science could then fix the problems that science created by
pursuing applications to rectify the negative consequences of its
misguided 'noble intentions'

Genetic engineering may dream the ability to strengthen the fragile by
assuring the fragile are not born with atypical impediments.  Physical
and intellectual strength could then be cultivated to assure a human
free from disability, resistant to disease and/or minimally affected by the
hostilities of the natural world.
Regardless, such noble efforts would represent
great good to the cause of humanity as a whole...

Wouldn't they?

A bridge, afforded by applied understanding, could provide
humanity the developmental status equal to that which currently
would have been the case if human evolution had proceeded in
the absence of 'meddling'.  Ironically, the majority of such
solutions would emanate from the very institutions from which the
cause would be perceived to have originated.