Inner Hypocrite
Small transgressions are the gateway to a shadowy plane- where the notion of equality
was so tragically been misplaced- by evil souls finding cover within the mass of mere
human fallibility.  Those deeply flawed become perceived evil while those who are evil
deflect accountability through embrace of a nebulous shared-plane flexing in definition to
the whims of self-serving agendas.

Speaking for my self (of which I can do better then most others) I have, on countless
occasions’ behaved inw ways maligned with the more noble proclamations so recently
utteredspoken.  As I evaluate my own reflection, I see many contradictions surely rendering my
image as having little resemblance to the integrated individual of the future.  As I evolve I hope
for a more true alignment between words and action but, for now I qualify as an authentic
hypocrite.  If it is you that proves me otherwise the title I presume to assume is that of
'pathological liar'.
Perhaps it is our own selves of whom we know the least.  We have come to believe
through suggestion that we are gifted a free-will with no attached obligation to
maintenance…that we are born as an individual and as such are innately
autonomous from the undue influence of others.  Autonomy is simply a gift

emanating from mysterious eternal principles we are told best relegated to faith. A
physical life lived upon a material planet then becomes perceived irrelevant in span
in contrast to an eternity impossible to comprehend.
We sense a parallel existence in which we interface with all aspects of life without flaw
and in full alignment to virtue of the highest order.  It is an existence calling to us from a
spiritual world where there is no accounting to the address of the ever-present needs
required of a sustained physical existence.  It is 'pure-form'
perfection and
innocence...It is a standard achieved by all who have ever lived during the first few
seconds following birth- then never achieved anybody...ever.
Most would agree that life is indeed short... But, life can seem a miserable eternity if dogmatic
dictates function to impose unnatural constraints- with little relevance to the only life we, as
individuals, have ever known first-person.  As a consequence the individual may experience a
number of fluctuating emotional and behavioral adjustments in the extreme with the ultimate
anguish deriving from an inability to adhere to the behavioral dictates to which she is informed
he so freely chose ,

We are informed of our choosing by someone who admits they themselves are also
unable to fully comply.  But of course there is always one said to have flawlessly done it
before- and of course, this is just……incredible.   A perfection- vaguely defined and fully
unattainable- allows for transgressions of all type and scale to coagulate in a mass of
cumulative human 'sin' to which little distinction is made one from one to the other in
degree or consequence.  
We perceive ourselves operating outside the influence of those before us.  We may concede
influence to existing law, but fail to acknowledge those things known instinctively- as it does not
align with our definition of
individuality. We adopt the behavioral prescriptions from those who say
they know and a short life becomes something we endure as defined by the many things we do
not do.  
There is that which exists at the merge of all worthy pursuits.  It is Doubt and it is both virtue and a
mandatory prerequisite to survival.  It is best used as a protective shield upon the encounter of one who
claims to  'know'.  Life is messy business, we cannot always do as we always should.  We are born to fall;
we often do- this does not mean there is something wrong.
The commitment to help others, as well as self, assures no lasting harm befalls the
either.  Have fun, make mistakes, apologize.  Answer for self as you see fit, embrace
the inner hypocrite