From the perspective of infinite time and space it is mathematically impossible to prove material
exist...Neither beginning nor continuation. (although the humanity perceived outside self will
probably continue to insist it so).  

If ‘time’ is a human adaptation to an inability to instantaneously process the incoming information,
is not the 'present' merely a figment of our imagination in an otherwise uninterrupted continuum
where the notions of 'past' and 'future' have no relevance?

Do we rely entirely too much upon others to dictate the terms of reality?   
Must I accept the conditions of my current environment or, can I get up
and chop down the tree that houses the bird that soils my car?  Perhaps it
is the photograph taken before the tree fell that represents reality, for it is
true I cannot change anything therein represented.  I can only destroy the
picture and deny that the tree ever existed
In reality...reality ain't reality.  When it is discussed, it is always the interpretation of another
person seeking the comfort of company in the 'knowing' of that which cannot be known.  Reality
seeks beginnings and endings rather then continuations; cause and effect rather then meaning,
and explanation rather then mystery,   It seeks to bind the spiritual being to the restraints of a
brief physical life lived on planet earth.
The Individual liberated from the interpretations of others occupies a  reality enhanced through
appreciation for the distinctions encountered in all others... A journey into the unknown realms
where 'that which is' becomes propelled by 'that which could be'.
If to explore the world in the context of a boundless universe, perhaps it would be
possible to add layers of meaning to the endeavors of the era and comprehension
to meaning of a global humanity gone before.
Reality Redefined (but first, the consensus definition)

2 a (1) : a real event, entity, or state of affairs <his dream became a reality>
(2) : the totality of real things and events <trying to escape from reality> b :
something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily
- in reality : in actual fact

If we must face reality (as conventional wisdom suggests), we are also obligated to accept that
we are merely responsive creatures.   Our actions then represent  mere adaptation to our total
inability to influence any one or more conditions associated with a prescribed reality.  ‘Conditions’
then become ‘dictates’ as ‘reality’ becomes that which is beyond the realm of the individual to
exert  influence.  The very notion assumes some nebulous and detached representation shifting
within an elusive mirage.
“Why struggle to open a door
between us when the whole wall is
an illusion?”
“Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one.”
Albert Einstein
“Reality is just a crutch for people
who can't handle drugs.”
Robin Williams

The reality of reality is- even by the most reative measures it remains impossible to prove  
existence (or, the terms and conditions by which it could be imagined so).