If there is to be positive associations to the notion of human evolution, it is
dependent first upon the nature of prevailing
understanding.  Perceiving sole
propriety, the Institution of Science is quick to embrace its 'Favorite Son' then
soon the first
to interfere with the processes.  There is cruelty found in
unadulterated Evolution...Evolution is in need of a friend.  

Science recognizes the need for interactive symbiosis with evolutionary forces
while religion denies having benefited.  Meanwhile the two disciplines prove
indispensable to the other in the assurance of on-going favorable progress as
both seek to transcend mere ‘survival of the fittest’…

Science alone is not a 'Friend'...

Religion alone is not a 'Friend'...
The Strength of the Weak

In review of the human condition it is notable that humanity has inadvertantly taken many of the steps
necessary to assure the future survival and prosperity of life on earth.  Through the manipulation of
factors relevant to the survival and success of the most vulnerable we have cultivated the resource for
which our continued survival and development depends.  We have greatly improved the conditions on
which the more fragile among us depend upon for survival and prosperity and by so doing we have
unwittingly improved the human condition.

So much more…

The fragile among us hold many of the answers to the human riddle.  
Those without sight help us visualize alternatively...  
Those who cannot hear teach us other ways to communicate...  
Those who cannot walk show us other ways to reach desired destinies...  
Those unable to contribute to a material world encourage us to redefine our priorities.
It is the most fragile who live a life of knowing that violence is not an option in the resolution of conflict.  


Does the absence of direct exposure violence, crime, and war equate to some form of innocence?  
Quite likely not, innocence must equate to immunity from injustice in order to impart any meaning
worthy of pursuit.  If indeed the individual is charged with the responsibility for conduct incompatible to
war the notion of innocence is dispatched of significance and/or meaningful meaning,

We incorrectly presume the more fragile humans among us to be the
personification of innocence.  It is this individual who initially would not fight
because he/she could not fight who eventually becomes the person who would
not fight if he/she suddenly could.   The term ‘innocence’ means only a crime was
not committed as it exposes ignorance at great peril through failure to heed the
teachers of non-violence all around us.
At some point in the near-future a greater society may ponder the case of the ‘Differently
Abled’  individual and ask "have we not given enough?".   Not a question derived from hate
or evil intent, not even an issue related to material selfishness...just the last gasp of
'accumulated misunderstanding'  falling just prior to a
collective realization
'it is not a matter of
giving... it's a matter of
This is the lesson our most fragile citizens have so
patiently endeavored to teach.
Somewhere in the obscure corners of the collective psyche' lies
a void for which only our more fragile can fill.  The energy others
expend in support is more then reciprocated by our more gentle
souls.  As humanity continues to evolve in the direction of a more
spiritual being, many of the factors contributing to the evolution of
the physical being will appear in significantly modified form; some will
likely present contrary to past meaning.  For those whose strengths
lie in areas rarely recognized is the recognition of all active forms of  
contribution that assure' we are progressing in the direction of equality.
There are no lessor beings... There are no contributions
more or less equal then any others...Those who do not
engage in violence do so consequential to recognition of
the absolute futility associated with the endeavor.
Strength of the Weak