Teething Nation

As Americans we often assert the US is the greatest country
on earth. Relative to any scale we are certainly better then
many; but, to boast we are the best is likely to contribute to the
stereotype of American arrogance. Few would argue contrary
to the claim that we are the most powerful nation; our influence
is evident in all countries of the world.  

As the sole super power, we are in a very dangerous place.
Throughout history all empires have eventually collapsed. It
was the collapse of the former USSR that created the
vacuum in which a sole superpower emerged. Empires and
super powers make a collective humanity
very nervous. The danger associated with
the presence of a superpower is that the
need to align actions with founding
principles may become viewed as an
ever-increasing inconvenience.

The greatest threat to dynasties without rival is the
inevitable emergence of factions deteriorating the
previously singular structure within. Relative adherence
to noble principles becomes largely irrelevant as
individuals and subsets begin to realize favorable regard
within the whole is secured only by luxuries availed in the
present. It is perhaps ironic that the notions of Equality and Justice best
flourish in the presence of adversaries relatively similar in strength,
We then continue to appear in apparent candor relevant to our
transgression(s) but there gradually fades the existence of
authentic remorse.  All in proximity suffer the consequences of the
inevitable arrogance to rise in the absence of necessitated
accountability to adversary.
Some may cite our apparent candor in response to recent
incidents of prisoner abuse and the deliberate killing of
citizens by American soldiers* as evidence that we are a
transparent nation willing to admit great wrongs. While this
may currently be the case there may exist a boundary of
which the crossing is not noticed for lack of contest.
Although transparency and candor are qualities prerequisite to
high-virtue they are neither a virtue nor necessarily  evidence of
virtue.  Transparency and candor can also be the trademark of
tyrannical regimes with the agenda of crushing all that is seen as
This scenario poses hazard on a world scale and in our own
country.  Failure to adhere to founding principles based on
human equality would inevitably result in destruction from within.  
‘Failure’ would find us at the gate of maturity choosing ‘non-
participation’; becoming by default the bully some say we've
already become.    En route to complete annihilation, Big Bully’s
fall hard in the process of self-destruction.
We will require a very involved assistance from other nations...nations in
existence long before we were even conceived as a notion.  A collective
wisdom can only begin to arrive through the insights accumulated over longer
spans of elapsed time...  As Americans we may be wise to
assume the role of a student so that our strength is not wasted in
the clumsy efforts to attract much older partners who may fail to
see the merits of collaboration simply because we come across
as so damn obnoxious.