Are we mighty...or misunderstood? Are we noble...or a diverse band of
thugs? Throughout history there are never issues more pressing then those of
the present. Modern-day society is always modern-day society for those alive
to utter the words.  Some day this world will fade away and some clown will
have predicted it right (may you win the lottery the same day you
There was a man- who knew with certainty- the very moment he would
die... cuz the goddam judge was She who said it so.

Oh, ah,,,Reconciliation

2106 AD
The United States will offer an official apology for the invasion and
occupation to the current tenants of the region once known a Iraq. The
political landscape of a century passed will be largely forgotten; there will be
little evidence available relevant to the any real or perceived justification to
explain motive or intent. President George W. Bush ("remember he was also
the son of our 41st President" history teachers will be frequent to say) will be
vilified and the official apology of our nation will solidify this universal

And for what? The Middle East region of the world will remain a region in
chaos simply because a century earlier the world missed the Big
Opportunities that Big Mistakes sometimes bring
Who is it who must take the first step in search of common territory? Is there a faction in greater
need of reconciliation relative to all others?  If we are to believe this then the first step toward
positive change will never be taken. There are no degrees of greater need for any faction as long
as all involved continue to assert there exists circumstances in which killing is necessary and

As a citizen of the USA I see my nation has changed national strategy from one characterized by
the term defense to one best described by the term offense.  Can an unprecedented preemptive
strike on the nation of Iraq be referred to by any other term?
The typical American cringes in apprehension at the very notion and fears to Anti-American
sentiment, has and will, only increase as a result of both the action and the perceived arrogance

A noble nation aspires to moral standards above those possessed by even its most virtuous
constituents as it entrusts to its own citizenship the obligation of applied justice from a perspective
outside direct involvement. If that noble nation fails to extend principled actions outside sovereign
borders it will soon fall for simple lack of meaning.

What would it take for the world to take that first step? Who should take it?
Answer- Confess a national wrong from? Us- The United States of America.
Not from the safe distance of 50 years in the future upon which time we impose upon our
descendants the double-duty of both clearing our toxic mess in addition to issuance of the national
apology in acknowledgment of a great wrong?
Now would be the time. Now is the time for many great things to happen and in this particular
instance it starts with us-the USA. It starts with us
realizing our greatest accomplishments find
genesis upon the moment we realize we are no more or less noble then any other professed
constituency. It starts when we acknowledge many people died violent deaths because we were so
wrong in assessing legitimacy to justification.

As we ponder the present state of world affairs, many may assume it is not possible to effectively
address the many problems. We have gradually become more aware of the world outside our
borders; it is a world many of us fear and do not understand. We perceive we are despised and fear
honest exploration may reveal a degree of legitimacy at the base.