There is a fear that our current wealth was
attained through ill-begotten means as we
discover our nation acquired strength and
resources through the oppression of
indigenous peoples along with enslavement
and exploitation of most anyone who took the
boat to America.   At best our nation forwards
veiled acknowledgement of past wrongs
knowing not how the depth of past
transgressions could ever be atoned.  There
is a perception that it was and is the
White-Man bearing responsibility for so much
suffering yet all fear the consequences of full
exposure if this perception were to be
regarded as indisputable fact.
A noble nation aspires to moral
standards above those
possessed by even its most
noble constituents as it entrusts
to its own citizenship the
obligation of applied justice from
a perspective removed from
direct involvement.
US citizens seem to subvert
authentic strength for the
artificial prescribed by
technology convenience and
The greatness of this nation
will eventually be defined
by a racially unified
approach to both common
and racially

actions in
Iraq may
not derive
...does the best
case outcome then
justify the false
premise from which
it all originated? would seem the
beneficiaries of legislated
equality was initially
intended to emulsify
distinctions pertaining to
variations found in subtle
shades of citizens both
white and male
Every era of humanity has a unique purpose in contribution to
but, that in common
notes- en route to
destiny is there was
The foundational
nature may vary
among nations
past and present, functioning to comprise
thestructural integrity of those things that bind
us to higher principles.  No nation upon this
earth can claim to be founded exclusively by
noble intent nor can legitimate claim be made
of full adherence to the practices of peaceful
much blood shed by
countless tortured souls,  It is
bloodshed and suffering, both
collaboration. My
nation is      
certainly no
future generations. Some aspirations
succeed while others may fail. Clearly
one of the missions of our era is to find a
way to neutralize the threat we find
ourselves in danger to self-inflict
As a nation we genuinely desire that the worlds
nations could enjoy the benefit of broad prosperity
and freedom.  Our words ring a bit untrue to all who
would listen and even onto ourselves.  At some
level of a collective world consciousness there is
an awareness that the wide application of
consumption based economies would not long
be sustainable
reason been necessary to allow
more peaceful
disproportionate and      
fashion...perhaps this will
someday be viewed as having
for some
intelligence, but
we certainly convey we
have the potential to
respond in a
for the
development of
The absence of a relative
equality facilitates an
environment in which
resentment and violence
flourish.  If we strengthen the
weak through just practices
we would cultivate worthy
adversaries as opposed to
despised enemies.
strength, it is
It is universal to
gain strength
adversity, a child
universal- the
need to apply
through channels
of resistance
in order to maintain that
strength. Is there anything
between the material and
the divine to suggest the
challenge of life on earth is
to create a realm of
individuality in a realm
between the two?  Or is it
that life on earth is simply
a misery that must be
endured ?