Up and away
To sing a new song
Upon arrival
The king is gone
There are no chosen
but for those
who chose not
choosing not
is a very good choice
You must declare your purpose
state your intent.
Watch your behavior,
caution what you say
for it is the righteous
who do not risk of stray
2 Bits...

2 bits, 4 bits...
You can keep your beast...
and kiss my
stayed behind
While some would seek
Vanquish of the enemy
It is you who seeks
Tribulation for all
Always Greatest
Always Supreme
true to form
you must do one better
You are the equivalent...
in the extreme
of that thought seen,
in the beliefs of all others
All but you of course...
When the catastrophe emerges
that you helped bring
“Gone are you''
To appointment
With your king.
When annihilation does destruction clear
Perhaps it will then be known
T'’was not of we you should fear
When we have not the means
to fire the first shot.

T'is not the other you should fear
as she challenges what we were taught
you say the end is near,
I say, it has never been not
This isn’t heaven
It isn’t hell
This is nothing
This is fear

At long last
There is no threat
Something’s wrong
There’s nobody here

You go...
I'll stay here
to live a life...
immune to fear.

As you approach the gate
to your promised land,
prepare you must,
eternity is at hand

brave to the end,
of a life that was not,
means everything
to all you've not got.
Now and for eternity
You begin to ponder
will this ever mean
what life should'a meant?

In many ways  you’re just misunderstood
I only wish that you ou’d join the
You really would
Work with all
For common good
Watch your behavior, watch what you say
for it is the righteous who do not risk to stray
does this even mean what a short life meant
Forgive my anger
I now feel better
Great works we will see
when we approach this together
A peaceful king
To whom destruction
Was thought to serve
Did not leave
But was never there
as you say
the end draws near.
I say that's okay
I'll stay here.

I don’t hate you
in many ways you are good
but you see misunderstanding
renders the misunderstood