When not a Man
Prophets of Doom- Purveyors of Foolishness

Since the advent of fear- perhaps even before- countless volunteers have
emerged to exploit the human tendency to indulge in a collective pessimism.   
Some speak of small-scale disaster in the form of localized
famine, flood, or fire.  Still others desire the deluxe version in the
all out destruction of 'the heavens and earth' complete with
varying degrees of suffering to be experienced in the process.  

Fanti-Christ OR FANCY?
Relative to the institution of religion, it becomes difficult to differentiate 'doctrine' over
'fantasy' as the revered delusions of one become the false doctrine cited as 'evil' by another
(who will likely claim equally unfounded proclamations as 'true').  Absent account to logic
there is often blatant disregard to standards measurable and/or moral.
Charlatans and denominational bigots tell tall-tales with conviction- sprung
from an affection for the dramatic and lack of curiosity, as logic and reason are
disregarded at every turn.

From the fringe of Aggregate religion- belief turns inward- proceeding,
absent doubt; and oblivious to obligation.  Stagnate parables become
outrageous fables inextricably linked to religious dogma.  That labeled as
'faith' then entertains despicable expectations as 'prophets' profit from
material gains tainted by the distribution of their own filth.
Fantasy begins to become reality as fantastical notions acquire legitimacy in direct positive
proportion to scales of the 'absurd'. The typical Fairy Tale has added connections to reality yet,
these are beliefs not without consequence- and none of it is positive.  
A Man is not a Man...

Doomsday prophecy falters at its base as it seeks to explain Creation’s intent citing material
destruction crucial to the plan.  Simultaneously, it is
packaged with a 'tidy bow' found in
the promise of unimaginable rewards for those who distance themselves from the vast
majority who dare to suggest a 'less-cataclysmic' future.
It is certainly the case that no human could ever fully understand the intentions of Creation (or,
that there may be none) but, more should feel comfortable in recognizing the pairing
transcendent love expressed through complete annihilation is a supremely ridiculous notion.
Within the spiritual realm there exists fewer boundaries/restraints for those who seek
understanding and great mysteries.  As any spiritial-Being evolves it becomes an extension of
the physical being.  Dispite this seeming fact there remains a relationship between discernible
entities for which boundaries do exist to which some avenues of interface cannot co-exist.  

Within all spectrum's, infinite possibilities await, along all existent planes...
But, that which is impossible will always remain impossible.  A man is not a
man if he gets pregnant if only for the reason we rightfully say it’s so...dammit!
Obviously, any incremental increase in the desired level of destruction requires a prophet able
to tap ever-more powerful alliances with destructive forces...Presumably, to facilitate
administration of God’s love by measure of proportionate annihilation.
And so it is...
In an imagined spiritual realm human limitations become apparent as chaos in the
material world becomes misinterpreted as a matter related to individual faith
(somehow perceived to be gained through an obsession with the evil deeds of
religious fables
And, while it is widely accepted that the works of evil people will be the cause of complete
annihilation, it is simultaneously proclaimed such events were those intended from the very
inception of Creation....Can evil acts/people truly be considered evil if seen as the preordained
outcomes of a Loving Creator?

Within all spectrum's, infinite possibilities await, along all existent planes...But, that which is impossible will always remain impossible. A man is not a man if he gets pregnant if only for the reason we rightfully say it is so...dammit!