It is quite acceptable to behold the
beliefs of a good friend and assert
for yourself ‘this simply cannot
The MO of the POD is analogous to an athlete in competitive sport betting against
his/her own team.  Rare is the moron who wagers in favor of their own team...Giving
'110%’ is the only thing subject to the potential of certainty.  The avenues to outcome-
by mere 'effort'  bear no stable or consistent ties to 'outcome'.  The savvy gambler well
understands even the greatest of efforts render variable outcomes.... But to
sabotage?... The methods are many and easily disguised...  
It is quite acceptable to behold the
beliefs of a good friend and assert
for yourself ‘this simply cannot
In the business world, similar actions would be analogous to the label of 'insider trading’.  
In both cases this type of activity is considered very much against the law and carries the
stigma of lower form greed and selfishness. Concurrent to the crime, reasonable people
behold the integrity of the entire institution in question.

Winning by losing and/or cheating may serve the individual well for a fleeting moment but, it will
come at great expense to his/her team.  Equally despicable is the shameful disregard to the
spirit and traditions so willingly defiled.  The promotion of Armageddon serves many of its
purveyors very well by similar mechanism.  Neither player acts in a fashion that
escapes the gravity of service to self.  Meanwhile, those who would participate in
good faith must persevere in the presence of a prevailing attitude that could best
be described as…”just lose Baby”

And so it is...a Creator had complete destruction planned well before human
existence because there was also a plan to get angry some day to legitimize the
claim of DIVINE JUSTIFICATION. Only recently (relative to infinite time) a Creator
shared this intent with a limited number of humans who disseminate the apocalyptic
message to riveted audiences throughout the world- we all love a ‘train wreck’.
Whether the plan is to be directly involved- or, by way of outsourcing to an accomplice in humanity-  there
is, at the minimum, glaring evidence of the premeditated intent,  We are talking first-degree murder!  The
presence of a precipitating yet, premeditated emotion does add an unusual feature to this particular case.
Sniff Test...
The Creative force being discussed is the architect who 'pioneered' evolving life on
this planet and who knows where else. Of all the life sustaining worlds in the
universe there would be found life in varying stages of evolution. In consideration of
our relatively primitive status are we really to believe a Heavenly force is capable of
anger to the point full destruction is visited upon a species unable to find a way to
use anything more then 15% of their brain? It's prophecy all right...the variety known
as self-fulfilling.
Compare the very notion above to our response to those who harm the very
young and/or vulnerable....We're pretty exposed...pretty fragile...pretty stupid.  
You want to spend all of eternity in the presence of this mindset!!? Every time
this god eliminated another planet you would force a smile and laugh as you
verbalize support and approval for fear of retribution....Here on Earth this sorta
It would seem  the same cycle of lame jokes are told billion times over and
everything 'tastes like chicken'.   Meanwhile, opportunities lost are pondered
as the realization strikes that you should have been a corporate executive,
porn star, or bank robber during your physical life on earth-at least a little
fun and excitment would have been experienced...
thing is referred  to as 'Fascism'.  It is 'rule by fear'- it has never worked here; it is hard to imagine this is
the social structure found in Paradise.
If your 'Agent'* to 'Eternal Paradise'** describes the
'Proprietor'*** as one you would avoid any association
upon this Earth, it would most certainly be one to
avoid for 'All-Eternity'!  This particular 'Agent' does not
know what you want- nor do you.  He/She is 'Selling'
something 'Other'.  You are being exploited and
misled.  Your Guide simply does not know  he does
not know.
If your Agent speaks of Heaven simultaneous to selling 'Hell', he is the Double Agent distributing that which cannot coexist...

Double Agents are loyal only unto themselves